how are your lessons going? thread II


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Lesson yesterday...dealing with an injury but tired of feeling sorry for myself about it...moving on...variety of dances on lesson...smooth theme seemed to be move yourself more/bigger than ever/keep it moving...still dealing with issues with shadow figures in waltz...asked for clarification on figure in rumba, ok, it's what I thought it was...had a brain freeze in east coast swing, what the heck was that....salsa started out good but had a minor mishap...did a couple of somethings right in the bolero, but no idea how I accomplished this (might have been a carryover from the move yourself more/bigger theme)...ended with tango, move more/bigger/faster/sharper

Big hug at end of lesson for such a good lesson...very atypical...who are you and what have you done with my pro??!!


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Big hug at end of lesson for such a good lesson...very atypical...who are you and what have you done with my pro??!!
:) I think my pro is more likely to give me a hug if I'm clearly feeling incompetent…as long as I'm still trying hard. Whining, grumbling, complaining, or looking like I might give up (which I of course never, never, well almost hardly ever do) are at best ignored. As I'm literally old enough to be his mother, it's amusing when he responds like a stern parent.


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Finishing an amazing week of lessons, 11 hours in all and feels good. What doesn't feel so good is knowing I have 2 weeks before my next class :(

Edited to add- my pro has never given me a hug! He doesn't express himself that way


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Lesson Friday...was in pain most of the lesson but pushed through it...dancing ok...taking a few days off before lessons Thursday and Friday....event coming up fast...not real hopeful at this point about a great performance, more worried about lasting through the event...


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discovered a few things to work on for the coming week....and he started out in a good enough mood, but I am struggling with the new normal and it threatens my morale...going to have to pull myself together and get a glass half full perspective ...
great private with a visiting coach this weekend that made some (what feels like) major and good changes to smooth. Yay! She also managed to point out a few things to tweak in rhythm that the current coach hadn't articulated yet, all of which desperately needed to happen! Hooray for new focuses!


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An absolute divine and dreamy experience at my very first coaching session. Why have we not done this sooner?!?! And even though it won't be all that often, I plan to repeat it as much as I can.
New year, new teachers. And last night was the first time I took the lesson from my new teacher's partner, and it was great! Hopefully my "lead" skill will improve dramatically with the new arrangement by taking lessons from both of them.


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Telling you something about the weather, the biggest accomplishment today was "Arrived without winding up in a ditch buried in snow." Just Rhythm rounds today, but other than foot cramps probably related to the cold and standing all day at work, it was good. It is increasingly likely the wheel (toe-heel swivels) will be "in" but he's reserving the right to make that call later. I'm averaging about 75% of the time getting them.


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Lesson started with an intense conversation, prompted by pro's "what's wrong?" query. I thought I was all good, but apparently something that happened the day before was still really bothering me, so, discussion time. Then hugs.

Then on to dancing - Tango, which actually has started to feel a little like Tango. It's a dance that I seem to wear really well, but because it presents so well, it never gets much attention, meaning it's the dance that I am the least comfortable with. After last night, comfort level is climbing... fixed my PP, and got to swap out a contracheck for a spanish drag in my second long wall. Pro then declared this was the best Tango lesson we've ever had. I may have reminded him that we haven't really had that many, so...

Then Foxtrot, which was not terrible, but not great. Haven't danced it with anyone in about a month, so was a bit rusty once I added a partner to the mix. Found the flow after a bit, and got a couple corrections on my new walls that I have been off learning on my own; the corrections should help things immensely.

Lesson concluded with "homework" assignments (this is standard), and a revist of opening discussion conclusions, and more hugs.

(Phone call from pro today to follow up on and revisit opening discussion conclusions. I must have really thrown him... oops.)
Any lesson where your coach makes you lie on the floor is bound to be interesting, right? Talked a TON about posture (and differences between Latin and ballet) and engaging my back in each movement. Also did some serious cleaning on my half of the new samba routine. Only problem is now I want to play hooky from work tomorrow to practice all day.


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I had lessons on Thursday and Friday last week prior to event on Sunday. Usually I imploded at least one lesson prior to an event, and this was no exception. Thursday I was hurting, the shoes I was wearing made it worse, and I couldn't do much of anything right. Friday, armed with ibuprophen and a different pair of shoes, I danced better. The comment I made was it's go time, and I'd better get my rear end in gear.

Sunday's event was a success. After nerves in the first two dances, the smooth dances went pretty well. As time went on, more of my personality came out, which helped. The rhythm dances, with the exception of a hustle and a bolero, were nothing to write home about. I was ok with that, since I only entered the rhythm dances for fun. I received a number of compliments from people, including some from random people I didn't know, mainly about the smooth dances. I also got a nice pep talk that I'll remember for some time to come.

I'm encouraged enough to enter another local event coming up soon. My plan is to dance the smooth single dances twice, as well as the championship event. While I'm not enamored of competing for multiple reasons, it serves a purpose as incentive, or perhaps inspiration, for improvement with dancing.
Started our very first paso, two weeks before our first comp in 2014 :) Our amazing coach got us through to the first highlight in one lesson. All will be fine, time to hit the practice floor.
We now have a samba routine!! It's currently a closed loop, so our next task is to practice it until we have some idea which part is our strongest and we'll make that into our intro section.
Spent most of the lesson on various ways to make cha cha quicker...also talked how to make vertical lines more pronounced and how to articulate the body separate from feet in cha cha without losing the percussive (ties in pretty directly to making it quicker)

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