how are your lessons going? thread II


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Does anyone ever feel ready for a comp? :)
yah, i know. i guess it's not really that... just wanna feel like i've hit the next point with my dancing where i can really feel strong out there, really go for it without feeling like it's all gonna go to crap in a handbasket.

making microsteps in the right direction, i suppose, but... want more and want it faster, heh. :rolleyes:
northeastern in stamford, last weekend in jan. was my first comp last year.

not feeling ready but... *sigh*... i know, i know, no one every does. i just wanna get to the point where i really feel confident flying around and letting loose. so not there yet.

but am planning on wearing something new for this one... and am really looking forward to some new pix! :)
Sounds cool. Do you have videos from last year? If you do, I'll bet you'll see a huge improvement if you get videos this year and compare them.

I can't wait to read all about it.


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Second day of contemporary workshop today. I feel sore from yesterday and tomorrow I'll be doubly sore from today and yesterday. And you know what? I could do this every day. :D So bummed that it's only a three-day workshop.


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Tell us more...

[Fools rush in .... Sam, as a deity you have Angelic Standards to maintain :)]
demi-deity, you mean. lol... still a way to go for full deity status. although i notice i'm approaching the 15K mark. the way i've been posting of late, should hit that marker by early 2009. :rolleyes:

The way I been dancing lately It feel like its me.

For some reason the last week no matter what i try to do I could never find the beat it was just very frustrating. I hope this week will be a little beter Nashville Starz is around the corner.

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