How are your practices going?


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because I teach fitness, it was either take a day off or break something...(16 1/2 hours of dance/aerobic exercise from monday morn-friday morn) is, the achilles is still tight today...the two days in the car will actually be a blessing....

as for practice today; thusfar, ran through all latin and rhythm...focusing on balance and crispness....ran through all smooth and standard except vws and qs (will do that shortly)...focusing on fluidity, balance, proper form and standing leg use as well as lifting, and not over rotating body inside of frame....various other issues


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Practice focused mostly on jive, incorporating some changes after our recent coaching, then reviewed other Latin dances, repeating challenging patterns for proper balance and control.


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practice today a bit frustrating....couldn't get my brain to stop chattering about all the things it wants to get in. was ready to find a cement wall to find out if pounding my head against it would stop the yammering.... LOL!

ah well, at least I got some movement in....we'll see how the rest of the week goes.
Trying to get my head wrapped around this whole swing/sway thing. Or, more importantly, get my body to do something approximating any of it. *sigh*

Good luck, smidra!! Hope your comp goes well.


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Standard is going great. We have good focuses, Latin----i have no drive for it since my partner dropped me.... It just drives me into the ground when that happens.

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