How are your practices going?


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The best part about a disappointing competition: now that I'm over the worst of my PCD, this has been the best week of practice I've had in ages. My legs frankly ache (it's amazing what really focusing on staying down does to one's quads), but it's a good ache.


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Right now, I wouldn't swap my foxtrot feathers for Arunas', and that's saying something for me, because I absolutely adore the man's dancing. They've gone all the way from awkward to really smooth and awesome! Happy!
Blergh, I have not practiced at all since mid-August, just lessons. Kid started kindergarten, husband's job moved to a longer commute, and also I got lazy since I'm not competing again til Dec 2013...Need to get back practicing on my own at least once a week, sheesh...


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thusfar; rumba=work on knees and feet, correcting offenses from last dvd...also practice double spirals because I won't do them in front of pro and I want to learn them...and it went very well today...I think practice heels, my faster floor, and absence of pro (not neccessarily in that order) makes a huge difference...also work cha dealing with similar issues....note to self; go back and check standing leg on turns....brief run through of problem spots in jive, and paso....standard waltz and silver smooth looking at feet tracking and floor pressure also PP and some picture lines....more after I take a break and do the dishes
We finally have intros down in waltz and tango routines for a showcase this Saturday. A bit of a challenge, since we decided to figure those out ourselves rather than use lesson time. Took a few ideas from Katyusha's showcases and they seem to be working, phew! Although I did fall heavily in a Sunday practice trying to copy one of her tango spins :eek:, so you can guess that step didn't make it into our final routine.
Blues: Preparing for a Jack & Jill competition at the end of this week. Working on the basics: quality of movement, musicality, and making my transitions from one move to the next as smooth as possible.

Lindy: Learning and practicing the Shim Sham. Also trying to improve my Charleston. Started working on various jazz movements in general.
I recently decided to become an excellent ballroom dancer. Unfortunately, I'm a bit far from that goal so none of the pros want to dance with me. I dance by myself in front of a mirror or take laps around the floor solo. I still am taking immense joy out of having these little "aha" moments daily. It's difficult to retrain myself to walk with my head straight and to keep my tail bone tucked underneath me as I flex my abs. In fact it's by far the toughest part of the training process. It's so cool to see the improvement in my balance as I get more consistent at holding that posture as I move from figure to figure. I'm a pretty happy camper these days on the dance floor.

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