How are your practices going?


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Unsatisfying and short last night. Though maybe massage therapy on my back and neck, then a latin technique class, then practice was asking a bit much of my muscles... I can definitely feel each and every one in my back today.

Hoping to practice later, but may defer it until tomorrow depending on said muscles loosen up and respond to a hot shower and some gentle stretching.
Practiced with my partner today and discovered I am painfully bad at leading samba. Fortunately, I came up with an approach to try and fix this problem on the drive home from practice.

And it was in a group class, but I discovered I can now do cha cha basics (well) to full speed music again! 'twas a long time coming.


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Decent practice on Saturday, despite the fatigued muscles from Friday's activities. Worked on:
- Recovery between the steps in walz, and spent some time figuring out when to rein it in and when to let it fly;
- Keeping hips level in tango, and working through the standing leg
- Ran through QS and FT choreo quickly, to ensure I haven't forgotten them.

This week I need to put FT back into heavy practice rotation, with Tango I think... but not just yet. I took yesterday off, and may skip practice tonight as well. Feeling a bit tired and burnt out, and need to have enough in the tank to push through to comp in a little under three weeks.
Cha cha starting to feel great- soon, for the first time ever, I will feel good about dancing it full speed with proper technique.

And I might actually be starting to kind of sorta maybe get the hang of samba rolls. Maybe.

In other news, focusing on the ab engagement required to do samba rolls allowed me to tweak my abs for the first time ever...hopefully that's a one-time only occurrence.


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My knee is killing me, partner and I are locking horns over a sensitivity issue (long story, too stupid to explain), choreo is great, but I'm only the stand-in for his other partner who will be doing the show with him, and she needs to literally get her knat in gear to make "The double-chase wall" or it's just all blown to hell. One more gray hair. One blood-pressure-related nosebleed. A couple meltdowns. So sue me if I'm eating McDonald's out of cookies.


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cha, ru and intl gold waltz...because I have promised myself that in spite of lost lessons I will practice during those times so that I don't lose what I have worked so hard to integrate
Just had my first serious practice back after the MCAT- don't even realize how much I missed it before I went back. Spent 45 minutes working on natural turn/natural spin turn, and it was glorious!


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Two guys doubled up on me and I spent an hour on my back looking at the ceiling.

(Inside turn, telemark, and god knows what ending in that teabag line over the leader's right leg- we call this The Dead Whore Line. They took turns, but still... I'm just too old for this.)
Beat myself up because I couldn't even do basic samba on time, then counted my music and realized it was 20 percent faster than comp speed. Adjusted it and was much, much happier.

Samba rolls, however, are still going to be a heck of a challenge to get in my body.


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Isn't it weird, how the choreo inside your head seems just grand, and then when you actually try to put it with music, let alone another human, it turns into all kinds of fail? Yeah, rethinking a diagonal and a wall.

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