How do Girls Dance Latin with their Hair Down?


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sarcasm...and recognizing it....I can whip wet hair around pretty good...and, I am pretty sure my pro wouldn't care if it tasted like butterfinger's bars, he doesn't want anything to do with it :)


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I still cringe at the thought of the few lessons I've left my hair ties at home.... I have hair almost halfway down my back - and... there's a lot of it. Basically I either tie my hair up/away from my face - or I cannot see - and I am a danger to myself/others involved :oops:

I've also learned I can't do ponytails that are too high, otherwise I smack people in the face/my hair hits arms/body parts when turning.

So basically for me - I like a lower ponytail that is safely secured with at least 2 hair ties and some hair pins.


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For me, it depends on how much I'm planning to sweat (and sometimes, how late I'm running).

I'm usually a hair up for dance girl - bun, braid or ponytail - but have on occasion taken a one-hour class in a half-up style, where just the front part is pulled up. All down doesn't work for me as my hair is past my shoulders, thick and curly... so it gets in my way. Dancing longer than about an hour though, or in a hot room, or in competition = hair back and up.


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It can become unsightly.

I saw a video today of a lady in Latin who had this open-back costume. Blonde hair reaching her back, almost Joanna Leunis white. She was sweating. A lot. And all the makeup on her back was beginning to run. And so the tips of her hair were stained brown. It wasn't very noticeable all the time, but it was very not-beautiful.
Hair down FTW.
Wild, messy, even sweaty (depends on the girl - duh...), it's all good.
My original dance teacher used hers as a lethal weapon on turns - tied into a pony tail for maximum whippage - and I get slapped upside the head with all sorts of hairstyles socially all the time, no prob.
Never was a big fan of the severe bun, a la Bulgarian border guard, ca. 1963.
Yeah, I know, it's 'practical' ,but....ew.

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