How do judges call back correct # of couples from more than one heat

Larinda McRaven

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That works in later rounds when there is time to actually look and write extra numbers and think prioritize them in ones head. Or when the couples are already sifted though enough that you basically know that couple 123 is a bubble couple who may or may not make it the next round/final... and you want to remember them just in case.

When there are 60 couples this does not work. In the earlier rounds a judge is simply lucky to have enough time to simple get the correct number of recalls at all.


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In ballroom, you'd have to have ALL of the dancers on the floor at once, and that can get really really ugly. And dangerous :eek:. Occasionally I've seen comps do that for Champ Standard just for Waltz so the judges can see everyone together.

edit to add: *after* they had already danced in separate heats
At Wisconsin this last year, the judges didn't get the right number of call backs because of a mix up between people making heats and what the announcer was told so they missed a chunk of dancers. Instead of rerunning all 3 heats, they had ALL of the bronze Standard Foxtrot dancers on the floor doing their thing and the judges were just instructed to call back 24. Longest standard foxtrot ever- I think it ended up going for about 4-5 minutes. No one died but I bet a few were scarred.

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