how do latinos move their hips like that?

I have been traveling in latin america for a while and the locals are really good with their hips. I see it a lot with reggeton and the faster carribbean rhythms (who's names i don't really know... punta, soca, samba??). I´m a decent dancer myself, but i can't move my hips they way they do. When i do, it seems like way much more effort than it should be. Does anyone know of any good excercizes or videos online that might be helpful? I once took an isolations workshop in the states but they don´t seem to have much of that down here.


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They start very young, have you ever seen videos of young latino children dancing in the street? Natural Ability and as above practice practice practice...I Love practice :)

Angel HI

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Be careful. It is largely not a hip movement, but a feet/weight placement that causes these actions. Also, know that the movements are different for differing dances. You named several. Some use what Suburb called Cuban Motion (though this is relatively a BR term), others use gua pa cha motion or na ni go motion. I agree with Suburb...the best thing to do is find a good teacher for a few, or more :), privates, and then like ETP said...practice...practice, and practice.

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