How do you do the "perculator"?

I dont know if this is really a real dance but there is a song and my friend can do it and he calls it the Perculator. Does anyone know how to do it?


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Welcome Miroku. :D

After a quick google I found a bunch of references to the percolator as a real dance, and the refs didn't all come from PA. No dance step description, though. :cry: Maybe a DF member can describe. 8)
I know exactly what song you're speaking of, but I have NEVER seen the dance or even heard of it. If you find out how to do it, please share...I think we'd all like the enlightenment.

All the best on your search!
The percolator is actually made up of 3 different types of footwork. The 3rd one is easy to describe so I'll start w/ that one. You just make a scissor movement, crossing your legs back and forth. The first part is you starting on the ball of your right foot and your left leg bends so that your foot crosses behind your right leg (not touching the ground), and then you kick out and switch to the left foot where your right leg will then bend back and your foot crosses behind your left leg (not touching the ground) and then kick out. Alternate.

The 2nd footwork is the hardest. It kinda has to go in to a rythm of "Ba-dum Ba-dum" or if you kno how to read music, it'll be like a sixteenth note attacked to a dotted 8th note. It'll feel like your hopping a lot. Ok, so this'll be confusing... You hop lightly on to your right foot immediately followed by your left foot crossing over, your right foot will then jump to the side while extending your left foot touching the heel to the ground. You then hop lightly on to your left foot immediately followed by your right foot crossing over, your left foot will then jump to the side while extending your right foot touching the heel to the ground. Except for the heel extending part, you'll always be on the balls of your feet.

If you have more questions, you can email them to me or reply and I'll see if I can help. I'll try to get a video up somewhere and I'll leave the details of where.
When I did it for a dance class, we did this sequence and then we got in to a circle just to show off whatever footwork we knew. SO if you can't do the footwork above, then just show off whatever cool dance moves you kno in the circle.


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dancersdreamland said:
I know exactly what song you're speaking of,
The '60s pop instrumental? I've got a Ventures CD with their version of it. Or is there another song by that name?
im tryin to learn the perculator too and it not easy. here is wat i found for instuctions on how to do the dance

To do the dance you turn to your side.
Put your hands up and out as if you're going to give a great big huge and
you titter totter them up and down. All the whilest your front leg is bent
and moving the upperpart of your body up and down in a bouncy robotic motion.

I heard there is also a double ver of the perculator but it supposed to for really experiecnced people. well that's all i found!
also mlwgirlygirl your info helped lots to thanks!!!

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