How long did it take for you to master multiple turns and spins?

My main type of dance is ballet. It took me a year to master two fuetes and get an occasional four. After two years, I picked it up faster and can do eight solid fuetes and twelve on a good day. As far as pirouettes go, I can only do two. I just suck at them.


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Well... its going to take me forever if I keep playing dumb when I'm led in to one.. oh wait what was I supposed to do there, I can't do that...
depends on the turn/spin. In prior dance training chenes (sp?) were & still are super easy for me i can just keep going. Pirouettes took me some time & oddly fouettes were never a challenge I can do about 5 good ones before fizzling out. My current jive routine has plenty of double turns etc i want to do triples or more since I can do them but I don't think at silver it's allowed:mad:


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interesting question: is it addressed to a leader or a follower? I am a tango dancer (leader) and multiple spins are seldom executed in argentine tango. But, every moment I thought they would fit to the music, I led them and it worked. So what is the question?


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Oh good golly my Dance instructor is spinning me more and more during practices. Im trying to do the spotting technique but I get lost fairly easily since when I did Irish step dancing we hardly spun around a lot.

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