How should I react if my girlfriend grinds with other men?

How should I react if my distant girlfriend grinds with other men?

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honesty to make it last

guys im not going to give up on the person i love. im not going to tell her to break off for the time shes in london. i would lose her completely if i did tht. it would hurt both of us more and it would backfire on our love that we shared for the last very passionate about my greatest times with her.
nikita- tht question answer thing was exactly how it happend earlier.but i spoke to her today when i was in a good mood and smiled about what she was doing. she felt happy too and rrelaxed tht i gathered myself.

she has told me honestly tht she would continue grinding and i appreciate her honesty. she assured me tht she loves me and would not do anything tht would hurt me. i only told her one thing. do what makes ur conscience feel right. im going to trust her and let her be and keep my tension off. she assured me tht she would never cross the line tht would harm our relationship. she is going to grind but only in a friendly way.
besides that, i even told her honestly tht i let out my number to tht hotbabe evtrything about it. she was completely okay with it, and said tht she appreciated my honesty. she smiled and laughed at tht.hehe.she even gave me the permission to grind myself, she trusted me, but i told her tht i cudnt imagine feeling atleast slightly sexual with another woman. it would make me puke. i cud imagine her smiling on the other side of the line.

im going to do this for love, even if i feel insecure about her. i hope my postivity pays off. i will have to go with it. hope our love passes all the tests that life has to offer.
she is my heart and her love is oxygen for me.

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