How to dump a practice partner?

Thanks for the advice, everyone.
Since my Standard partner does only Standard and my Smooth partner has a better Standard partner than me, I guess I'll just stop competing Standard for now and focus my practice time on Smooth. That way at least one partner will be happy and stick around :) I wish I could just find a few more hours to practice Standard but my schedule and my partner's schedule don't match very well to make that possible. Maybe one day a partner will come along, who also works the graveyard shift and we'll have similar practice times.

Any advice on my follow up question from my original post? I should have enough time to take one lesson with a pro per week and practice on my own just to improve gradually, without that interfering with Smooth.
I also have a follow up question, in case you recommend that I break up with her first; Before we started dancing together we had different teachers. She insisted that we take lessons only from her teacher so I stopped taking lessons from mine. Would it be impolite if I asked her teacher to keep me as a student?


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It doesn't matter that you're staying on to take lessons with your partner's teacher. The teacher is a professional and will treat you as such regardless of the partnering issues.


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I have to add that I have a similar working situation as you as I am working swing shift now so my schedule and regular folks schedule are exactly opposites. My amateur partner left me and I went to Pro/am to continue my training.

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