How to shake your shoulders?

Sorry if this has been up before, but could somebody give some short tips on how to learn to shake one's shoulders. I don't have the coordination yet, so how do you practise that?

The move should be simple ipso facto; right shoulder goes forward, right shoulder goes back, and then it goes forward again. But do this fast and in a shake-manner proves surprisingly difficult. I also heard the shoulder-shake shouldn't affect the movement of the hips (they should not shake).

I karate the muscular motion starts with the hips, which is where my coordination skill is from.


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Here's an old thread on the subject -- you may find some useful tips here.

Like many body movements/isolations, I think you just have to keep practising. When I started salsa, I thought it was simply impossible to shake my shoulders. Now I can't stop shimmying... :roll: One way to practise is to start slow, e.g., a shoulder wave per beat, then double up the rate as you get comfortable with the movement.


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shake it 'like a polaroid' or 'like a salt shaker' or 'like nobodies biznizz'..
let the shake travel from toe to hair and then down again.. its about nerve to muscle control.. gets better with practice
I"m like MacMoto too.... In bellydancing I could isolate each (always been better with my hips though), but when I moved to salsa, I couldn't keep moving and shimmy my shoulders. I wasn't even really practicing because I didn't think I could, but at the Chicago Conference I guess I was just so inspired and now I can do it, maybe not really well, but I can do it :)


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For me (no bellydancing advantages here :wink: . Though I think it helps to have red hair), I would try to shake them once, almost like a spasm, and try and let them continue, which of course they wouldn't. So I just kept this up and then the spasm would last a little longer, and then longer.
well being a redhead certainly has it's benefits and helps in some areas, but I don't think it truly impacted my ability to shimmy

Spasms? sounds.... sexy.... :roll:


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BrookeErin said:
well being a redhead certainly has it's benefits and helps in some areas, but I don't think it truly impacted my ability to shimmy
This reminds me of Fred and Ginger's Shall We Dance. He thought that if his instructor had red hair (Ginger) it would be a great help to his dancing. :wink:

Spasms? sounds.... sexy.... :roll:


I'm not flirting either. But I'm hinting at flirting without actually committing to flirting. Which is still not flirting. Now BrookeErin is answering (and always does :wink: )with straight answers, also not committing to flirting, which nevertheless encourages my hinting at flirting, which is not flirting at all.

So nobody is flirting. And we are merely discussing the colors green and red.

Now where is that Christmas thread?

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