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The last two songs:

Ray Barretto - Cocinando (CD-"Que viva la musica")

Son Boricua - Para que gocen los pollos (CD-"Fabulosos 70", 2004)

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Listening to "Samba Bossa Nova" from the Putumayo World Music collection, a comppilation from 2001. They guarantee it will make you feel good, and it does!

(I wonder, since I have not heard it, yet, if dancin_feet's voice sounds so good, that it would make me feel good?)

Uh oh ... there I go again. ;)
Guantanamera live... Celia, La India, Pacheco and a few others.. night of salsa... WEPA!!!!!

Boss isn't around so I've been going nuts blasting music today!!! WEPA!!!! Guajira guantanamera... guajira guantanamera... ahhhhhhhhhh

A soneo to guantanamera!!! Can it get any better??? I think not!!
Sagitta said:
CD Pasaporte by Orquesta Broadway!! :)
how is that CD Sagitta? I hear it is one of the better CDs... BTW... That stuff is Charanga... NY Style Charanga...

Sagitta said:
Why is it that they play the same songs every night!!! :headwall:
I often wonder the very same thing!! DJ after DJ, night after night... same stuff!

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