I have no idea how to dance :(


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Remembered from the first episode of MASH that aired (ie, remembered from that first broadcast and not seen since):
Trapper is training to box the battalion champion described as:
Radar: So he punched the jeep.
Trapper: He punched a jeep?!
Radar: He knocked it out.

So Father Mulcahy, who has coached boxing before, is watching Trapper train. Trapper then asks if he could offer any advice:
Trapper: Anything you can give me?
Mulcahy: A prayer. You haven't got one.

Same thing if someone needs to learn to dance in two days. Hasn't got a prayer.

Took me 18 months just to find the beat.

BTW, in rumba workshop Saturday I was waiting to start on the 1 and my partner complimented me, remarking how few men are even able to find it. And there I was worried that starting on the 1 might not be appropriate for rumba.

So, OP, you can learn to dance. But it may take a while.
Hey, I'm new here and like all the others, I don't really know how to dance.

I actually read through about half of the posts on this thread but it only seemed to address only one aspect of club dancing: grinding. I am NOT looking to learn how to grind because frankly, I think it's a bit gross. Also, it seemed as if all of you only gave out pointers for males, and not females. I saw so many comments saying 'follow what the girl is doing'. Well.. I'M the girl and I have no freaking idea what I'm doing.

I honestly don't have a sense of rhythm and I can't even seem to rotate/move my hips well when I'm dancing! I see all these girls dancing so well, dancing all fluidly and I'm like.. wtf? how they heck are they doing that?! People have actually come up to me saying that I really can't dance. While I appreciate that honesty, it can seriously kill your self-esteem. :( Can anyone please tell me the basics to moving your hips, what to do with your arms, how to shake your butt, etc etc? Thank you in advance! :D
vanillahint: a lot of the times the inebrehated ones have more fluid motions because they're taking a depresant which relaxes you. when you;re at a club there are two dances going on. on the dance floor where everyone's grinding or they're breakdancing. you add moves while you;re grinding and make it look good. if you aren't into that then dont go to clubs.

so the basics. how to move your hips. start out in your room with some music. try the radio for stations like Kiss FM. a lot of rap/R&B/pop stations DJ the clubs so you can know what music to expect. once you got some tunes, do not worry about how fluid your movements are. take a stance with your feet 1-1/2 foot lengths(not feet) apart.

then as i said before "find the beat. those big Boom Boom Boom coming from the bass. move your hips to the beat side to side" then just keep practicing until you can stay with the beat and it will gradually become lucid.

as for your hands/arms just keep them relaxed and they'll move on their own like when you walk.

as for the shaking of the booty, i have no clue. (straight)guys dont do that. like the rest of the moves i cant tell you because i dont make them. you'd need another female in here to help with that

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Can anyone please tell me the basics to moving your hips, what to do with your arms, how to shake your butt, etc etc? Thank you in advance! :D
There is much to know even if you are free-stylin'. You have already noted seeing the difference between the ones who can move it, and the omg's. Though, ets' advice is good, I find that a huge problem with many, isn't that they have no concept of body awareness, but that they further can't find the beat, boom-boom or otherwise, if a waiter were to bring it to them on a tray.

My advice, if you are serious, not about becoming a pro, but even about just having a good time, find a jazz class, exercize class, pilates class, dancercize, workout gym, or something that will teach you body awareness. Everyone has rhythm; if you didn't, you couldn't walk. Your body, once it becomes accustomed to moving, will find some sort of rhythm, then you're on the way to becoming the Dancing Diva that you dream of.

Bonne chance, and welcome to the DF.

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