I have no idea how to dance :(

well im a compete noob at dancing, I've read most of the earlier discussions on grinding ive given it a few shots and i thik I've got the jist of it,but i need sum advice on slowdancing. I have an upcoming dance,homecoming to be exact, on sept.29 and im trying to impress my date havent known her to long but she is my one of my firends cousins so i have hung out a few times with her and she seems to b a nice enough woman good personality and especially good looking,and i would like to show her im not the clutzy dancer my friend made me out to be. Were about same height she may have a an inch on me with heels, im about 5 foot 7 inches,short side for a guy but i was wondering if that would affect any way we dance wether slow or grinding. I would also like to stree i am nearly 17 and shes 22, so she does know what shes doing and as previousley stated im a rookie at the whole social dancing scene. Any advice would be appreciated,thanks.


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the height difference won't matter...but a 22 year old woman involved with a "nearly 17 year old" has IMO got some problems...that isn't alot of years when one is older but it is huge at that interval, again IMO...but hey, if she is going to a homecoming dance with you at that age it seems to me you could probably stand on your head and call it dancing and she'e still like it...sorry...I wish you well, but it doesn't sound like a very sensible scenario to me...then again, what on earth do I know...you'll probably end up married for 50 years..welcome to Df and most of all enjoy the dance


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Height definitely won't make a difference. I'm only 5'5", large portion of women I dance with aare taller than me. It won't be a problem at all, at least with any dance steps you're going to do.
yea i see where ypur comin from,but age is only a number to me my rents,married over 20 years now have over a 10 year age difference so again like i said just a number, as for that thanks, um any slow dances that would be appropriate for a homecoming i mean obviousley , going to be a lot of grinding but for the slow songs id like to have an idea as well.


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You're talking about a high school dance that's only 12 days away. You're just going to have to stick to the old 'high school sway' as I call it. just hold partner and shift weight back and forth from left foot to right.
well turned out great grinded fairly well worked on it for over 12 days she sure knew how to work it, and for the slow dance basically the "sway" sso thanx for all the advice earlier
Wow, I feel like I need to go to the gym to work on my quads. Am I going to low, or are my legs just really out of shape? This grinding makes me feel like my legs are on FIRE.

I'm not kidding, I'm going to the gym tomorrow to work on my quads.
Wow, I feel like I need to go to the gym to work on my quads. Am I going to low, or are my legs just really out of shape? This grinding makes me feel like my legs are on FIRE.

I'm not kidding, I'm going to the gym tomorrow to work on my quads.
I know...hope by prom its not as bad as this
First off,

It's that time of year again. Prom is approaching in just three weeks, and like many confused adolescent males before me, I am rhythmically challenged. Here's the background story:

This year, I'm a senior in high school. The talk of the town from March until Senior graduation is prom. I don't particularly enjoy dances, but I've been to homecoming a few times, and I always have fun. But prom is the big show. Everything is on the line- the last chance at senior romance, if brief, has the power to create a memory that stays with you for the rest of your life. I decided to go all out.

The girl I found is...a few hundred notches above my level. Ever see the movie Mean Girls? Yeah, she sits on top of the social pyramid. How'd I get her? I started work on this project early October. I found out that I can make her laugh at the drop of a hat, genuinely laugh (not laugh AT me or at the expense of my actions, I make her giggle relentlessly). She dates guys left and right, and I think I got caught in the friend position (Okay, I got caught in the friend position- for a while.) We've hung out once outside of school and it was a really good time (she talked about it a couple months afterwards even). So prom time rolls around, and a friend of hers tells me that she thinks it'll be a lot of fun if she went with me. I wait too long and she gets snatched up. A week later I find out her date bails on her and she's open, so I immediately go for it. She's all smiles.

So here's the problem. I know what rhythm is, I can grind okay, but there's a couple issues. First:

A.) This girl is hot. If my confidence is too low, I'll be sending her the signal that I'm not man enough to take care of her. What advice do you guys have to help boost my confidence.

B.) If my dancing is bad, or she's disinterested, I have a feeling she'll just want to dance in a group or go find someone else to dance with. Should I have other people in mind to dance with if this happens? If she wants to dance in a group and I don't, what should I do?

C.) I'm tall. Six foot four, but I'm in great shape. She's more like 5'9-5'11. Therefore, my.... You know.... are going to be up against the small of her back rather than her.... you know.....If I bend my knees too much I'll feel like a baseball umpire trying to boogy. How can I level the playing field without making myself look like a fool?

D.) I want her to see me as someone that can take care of her. AKA I want a kiss at the end of the night. What do you think I'll need to do in order to secure this and therefore cap off my high school years with a bang?

E.) She thinks I'm goofy, and therefore leads me to believe that I'm goofy. I definitely want the mood to be light on prom, and I want to make her laugh, but when it comes to dancing that's the last thing I want her to do. How do I let her know I'm serious without putting a damper on the whole spirit of the night?

That's my mission guys, and I realize it's a detailed one. I'm relying on you. I've read all the posts in this topic and have a huge amount of faith. You guys definitely know your stuff.

ETA Until Prom: 3 Weeks and 4 Days.




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C) is not going to be answered here in detail...keep your package off of her

as for the rest, welcome to DF...I am sure folks will be along to advise you promptly
Hey everyone!

I'm new to this forum as well as the world of dance. I was wondering if someone could suggest for me some club moves that are sexy yet classy due to the fact that I am engaged and wouldn't want to lead any guy on. Secondly, if I were to take lessons, what style would be most beneficial to the club scene...since I don't believe there's such thing as "club dancing lessons"...correct me if I'm wrong (maybe I'm not searching for the right thing ; )
Thank you!
PS sorry if this is a double post, I wasn't sure if my last post went through!
hey there, i've read all 54 pages haha. Although my question is not about grinding. I have never been a dance, spending most my life as a metalhead and then getting into raving a bit. So i have actually no clue what to do when it comes to dancing solo on the dance floor ^.^( I just know rave moves D: ). Much more i have no idea how to dance with another on the floor either (don't want to know about grinding, doesnt need anymore explanation) I feel like i woke up from a coma, can anyone please help me out?
So Vash, what kind of partner dance did you have in mind? This site is mainly dancing with a connection to one's partner. It can be ballroom dances, latin, swing, country/western, but they all involve couples dancing together. So what are you interested in?

Another beginner coming to this thread asking for advice! I know this forum is primarily focused on partner dance but I was hoping someone out there might be able to help anyways.

I have no dancing experience at all. None. But I would like that to change. My main goal is to be able to get enough basic/all around knowledge under my belt to be able to have fun at weddings or parties. I don't know where to start though. Can I accomplish this with videos? If so, any recommendations? What about dance classes. I haven't looked into anything seriously yet since I'm thinking more in general terms right now than one specific music/dance style. But admittedly I know little enough about dance that certain styles might translate well to many areas.


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Well I have no idea about any dance other than ballroom and latin, but if you learnt both of those you could do some kinds of latin dance to a lot of modern music, and you would know what to do with the slower dances at weddings. Learning both would also give you a feel for the music, and get your body used to moving in time with it. When I started dance 1 1/2 years ago I knew nothing. Couldn't dance to any sort of music, anywhere. Now I reckon I could at least give modern stuff half a try and not look too stupid doing it.

Anything possible, so you could learn to dance from a video.

I would suggest lessons as a better way to get started. Like Lioness, I have zero dancing experience (and was afraid to try) until I finally caved on the wife's pleading to try dance lessons. She had heard of a group dance class that was starting, it was dirt cheap ($5/hr for a hour and a half beginner class), and I figured I should just face my fear of dance head-on.

It was actually a bit of fun, and I'm glad I did it. After a year and 4 months of group classes with some private instructions during the middle period, I have done a little of several dances, and gotten servicable in a couple. Still tons of stuff to learn to improve my dance ability, so this could go on for years.

One thing I can say for certain, without my instructors' help, there was no way I would have gotten the understanding about dance I have now. Somethings go much quicker when you under the watchful eye of an experienced dancer/instructor, and other things, like connection, are almost impossible to understand correctly, but can be demostrated and taught very easily by that same experienced dancer/instructor.

Now, the instructors for these classes are two independent instructors; both compete in the United Country Western Dance Council's events, so it's not "traditional" ballroom. Group class is intended for social dancing, so we done nightclub 2 step (a slow dance, not to be confused with the "country" 2 step), waltz, west coast swing, cha-cha, and hustle, all that can fit into most party dancing, as well as 2 step and triple 2 step. In the local bar scene outside of the dance group, WCS and the two versions of 2 step is 95% of what's danced.

So find out what's available in your area and give it a whirl.
Cool thanks Rick. More formal instruction probably is the way to go. Just like everything out there, it is possible to teach yourself on your own, but you have a lot of advantages if you have someone experienced guiding you along the way.

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