I have no idea how to dance :(

TemptressToo said:
That was about the most complex explanation I've ever read. ;) Honestly, try this...go to the dance...stand to the side and watch for just a few minutes. The "booty dance" thing is SO easy...you should know what to do by just watching. You'll essentially just stand in one place...and to be perfectly honest...simply moving to the rhythm (assuming you have rhythm)...will easily equate to what teens consider dancing at school dances.

Also, when it comes to slow dances. Again, very easy. Esentially hug your partner (arms around each other's shoulders) and rock slowly side to side rotating in a small circle if you like (again to the rhythm).

Looking back on my high school days...it just kills me to think about what people thought WAS dancing. :lol:
Yeap, I can't seem to say anything simple. I thought about when I couldn't dance and the questions I had when I saw people dancing and went on to create a complex explanation. :mrgreen:
Okay, so how are our crash course students doing today?

I saw a link on another thread for "bustamove.com" They have clips of videos there which you can view a snippet of, for free. Surprisingly, there wasn't a video for the hip action but, I love the concept they used for the videos.

I am not trying to convert you to salsa :twisted: but, if you go to the icon for salsa (on the left hand side of the screen) in the beginners' section, the #7 move is the Cucaracha. If you have a look at that, it will hopefully give you an idea of the "knees moving the hips" concept.

There is another icon called "Party Dancing". There are two dances listed there - one called the Wizard Dance and another one called Electric Slide. The music will probably be more like what you will have at the dance tomorrow night. Have a look at the various options under both the Electric Slide and the Wizard Dance. It might give you some ideas (other than just grinding :wink: ) for tomorrow night.

I would not worry about trying to memorize the choreograpy, just try and remember some of the moves like the basic walk (which you practically do everyday anyway :wink: ) and if you think it is appropriate tomorrow night, do it - and smile :D
TemptressToo said:
At a middle or high school dance, they would probably stone him for doing anything resembling latin or ballroom. :)
They won't recognize it themselves :wink: They will just think "Wow! Those two guys really know how to move their hips! I want to have lessons with their teachers too!" :lol:

"A picture paints a thousand words" so a visual of the "hip action" is a lot easier than trying to describe it all the time :oops: :lol:
wow, so much info and explanations, thanks alot!! as i explained before, it is just my date (that i unfortunately don't know too well), so i think i'll nix the sensual stuff. but i'll say, this is the best 1.5/2 day crash course i've ever taken. oh and thanks pacion for the links. thanks everybody for everything!! :mrgreen: i am not worthy of ur excellence hah :notworth:
My lord this has been moving fast, to think I just created this last night around 9 o clock :shock: Everyone I now feel almost certain I will be able to dance at least fair lol. I cannot wait to show her I can move(even if it is just a tiny tiny bit :oops:) THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE FOR THEIR ADVICE. I HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH!!! :D


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Glad that you got the help you wanted you two: suckeedancerr and fenixfrenzy87. Welcome to df and do come back to let us know how things go and participate in our forums. :)


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Oh, you mean girls are mysterious! I always thought just confusing ;) ;)

Anyway, anyone else think it's about time for an update on what happened?
(hint hint) fenix and suckee, start talking (hint hint)
:cry: It's Sunday, and no word at all from our young "warriors". I am trying to remember the #1 Rule - No News is Good News so either, they had a great evening and had all the girls rushing them for dances so they are still sleeping and trying to recover their energy;

OR (!!!!)

They got slapped within 5 mins of arriving at the dance and have vowed never to talk to us again :cry:

Come on guys! Do something. A "smoke signal" would do! Just let us (ME!) know that you survived the experience :mrgreen:


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Perhaps we released our young grashoppers into the world too soon, we gave them the dance skills, but it takes time to build the stamina required to survive the multitudes of girls swarming once they catch sight of a Dancer. :D
Let's hope we were not too rash and they survived.
alright, sry i kinda forgot bout the thread, so here it goes:

my date as i sed is older than me, very beautiful (im extremely lucky i got her as my date), and unfortunately ive only know her for 1.5/2 weeks.
so she comes to my house, my parents take pics, and we head over to the skool (our skool is so cheap it was held in the f-in cafeteria). we get there rather on time, which is unlike me, so the dance floor has yet to be filled, so we wait for fenix nd his entourage. we finally get dancin, and it takes me a while to get loose n all (prolly a few songs). were all dancin in a group, buncha my frends n ther dates (fortunately most of our dates were friends too). so were gettin our groove on, or tryin at least, im pretty much just doin a half circle (up-left n back, up-right n back) and i realized how outmatched i am. i think i was really stiff, but i dont know i culdnt see myself, but anyway... here ill just go ahead and point out the worst part of the night. we were dancin front to front, but not too close, and a few times i tried gettin closer and my knees bumped hers :oops:
But now ill point out the best part. i took ur guys advice, in waiting to see if it was alright to approach her so to speak, and soon enuff (well not that soon, but i didnt expect much cuz i had heard that my date was pretty conservative with guys) she turns her back to me and we start grindin. I try to follow her rythm, i dint start out too well, but i did eventaully. However, at this point she started doin some crazy moves, like booty shakes and wut not, as were grindin, and that throws me off. The first time this happened, i completely lost it :oops: , and she came off and we just started normal dancin again. I get a second chance to grind, and i find rythm again, and u guessed it she duz it again, but i really concentrated and recovered after faultering. Then in the other times we were grindin i was able to follow the booty shake, and i must say my best dancin was at the end (last ten or so songs). But i feel like i failed because during the slow dances, even the last song, we werent very close (lik hugging-dancing), but instead my hands were on her hips, and we mustve been 5 or 6 inches at least apart :oops: . Then again, she is pretty conservative, and i guess since im pretty much a stranger she wuldnt "let me in." But overall, i had fun, and thats all that counts, right? :) After the dance, we went to my frends house for chinese food (yes she drove me, if only i culd drive).
And there you have it, my magical night. I must say, i am pretty satisfied considering how nice and beautiful a date i managed to come out with. :p


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That sounds like a success to me. Expecting her to get closer than five inches when you've only known her a couple weeks is a bit much. Sounds like you held your own pretty good. 8) :D
Yeah sorry about not posting guys...we got to my house late and we were all tired. This morning my legs hurt. but overall, I have to thank each and every person that helped me. Out of all of my friends dancing i have to say that I was most likely one of the best. As I looked across the dance floor i realized that like none of my friends knew how to dance. So me and sukeedancer were some of the best :D I think my date was fairly impressed too. So thank you everyone!


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Yay! :banana: :cheers: I'm SO glad you had fun.

Next, try salsa. That's a cool club dance that's easy to learn the basic, and very, very useful, if you decide to go beyond the basic. You'll have a blast, and you can become a great dancer. :wink: :D

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