I was so tired, I [fill in the blank]


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- tried to use shampoo conditioner as tooth paste :roll: :?
- put the vinegar in the fridge (which I don't do normally, so when I couldn't find it, I didn't think to look in the fridge! :lol: )


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:roll: I am still not going to fall in lurve with you during a sun/moon eclipse (when the area goes dark, the birds stop singing, and even King Kong would look handsome), so :tongue: :lol:


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:shock: you guys are trying to hijack my thread. :nope: Just you wait! I am going to jump into nifty pink mobile, which has been cleverly disguised as red :car: and...and...and dramatic drumroll

come back to you on what I would do when I am less tired :wink:

SD :roll: :doh: :lol:
match game match game match game

Ooo... is this the match game?

Pacion was really tired after coming back from a dance. How tired was (s)he?. Pacion was so tired, instead of jumping into his nifty pink automobile, he got a ride with (blank).

(weird thinking music here) :) :) :)
Re: match game match game match game

etchuck said:
Ooo... is this the match game?

Pacion was really tired after coming back from a dance. How tired was (s)he?. Pacion was so tired, instead of putting on pajamas, he/she put on (blank).

(weird thinking music here) :) :) :)
:doh: I think I will go back to my "I believe...I think" thread, I believe :roll: :lol:


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Early in college, one morning I was so tired that when I got my coffee, I tore open the packet of sugar and poured it into the trash instead of into my cup.

Most of my friends in college were smokers (I never was). One guy was sitting there with his arms resting on the table, hands clasped together holding his lit cigarette with his cup of coffee underneath it. He was so tired that his grip on his cigarette loosened and the whole thing fell right into the coffee. He sat there for a few seconds looking at what had just happened, then he calmly stirred his coffee and drank it. I never could understand smokers.

Keep in mind that I was remembering back 34 years to an event that I hadn't thought of since then until today.
It wasn't the entire cigarette that had fallen in, but rather while he had been sitting there in that pose half-dozing his cigarette had continued to burn on its own forming a long ash that finally collapsed and all fell into his coffee.
And, yes, he did indeed just stir it in and drink the coffee.

Darn it and sorry about that. They say that the memory is the second thing to go and ... uh, ... I forget what the first thing is.
squirrel, I love that picture! That's my absolutely favorite cartoon character!!!!!!


I love it!!!!!!!

(sorry, I get all emotional when I see it!!!)


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Pacion said:
- tried to use shampoo conditioner as tooth paste :roll: :?
coulda been worse, coulda been preparation h (which they probably don't have in the UK so you won't get the humor <sigh> google it if you must). just think, you'da been eating through a straw all day! :)

i was once so tired i had to have the night manager turn on the light & the A/C in my room (checking into a motel having just driven 17 hours from chicago to somewhere in nevada or wyoming). yes, the switches were both right next to the door, but my mind had shut itself off. i stripped down, fell on the bed & then froze because i was too tired to get under the covers and/or get up to turn down.

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