If you were king/queen

"For 'tis the sport to have the enginer
Hoist with his own petard"

Wm. Shakespeare, "Hamlet"

A petard was a bomb used to blow up castle walls, and the engineer was responsible for setting the bomb. The bomb would sometimes go off prematurely, sending skyward, or hoisting, the engineer, probably in pieces.
Apparently, in Hamlet's day it was considered great fun when the engineer blew himself to bits with his own bomb.

Phil Owl

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1) The 1960's Batman TV series and the origianal Dance Fever would get reissued on DVD and Blu-Ray, that's the law!

2) Nobody with an IQ below 130 or ANY criminal record can run for Federal offices

3) EC Swing would be the national dance, with free lessons for all!

4) There would be regularly scheduled televised public hangings for sex offenders and those Wall Street pirates


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Back in the early days of the Internet, my .plan file generally read, "Take over the world and outlaw the sale of horseradish." Got some interesting e-mails from people who had fingered me.

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