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Done yet mindputtee?

2:25am here, and I need to finish a draft of this manuscript chapter before I call it a night... hopefully by 5 or 6am. :?
I didn't see this until just now. I think I finished around 3:30 or 4 am. The next day I ended up having to rip it all out though because I realized I needed to fix something UNDERNEATH the part I had just hand stitched. Blehhhh...


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Stayed up to watch the midnight fireworks set off from the top of Pikes Peak and then inexplicably awake at 5:45. Getting real tired of this.


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new years eve; drive home from des moines...let me just say that I have never been more grateful for my friends and xm radio, and seat warmers....

check out the repairs to our retaining wall and our garage... finishing touches have to wait till Spring.... but very very happy with how it all looks

spend hours apologizing to my kitties

un-pack the car and let everything sit in kitchen til some other time... nuzzle dh and remind him that I was away from the kitties for much longer and that it wouldn't have felt like it was so long if he hadn't gotten sick and gotten me sick...

watch Northwestern lose the "mieneke car care bowl"....but at least they rallied and didn't get their butts kicked....most annoyed that the marching band got NO coverage...but did speak to daughter later that evening and she was having a blast

make tacos and watch something on netflix that was too violent for my tastes, (kevin spacey, whom I do really like, was in it)

nag dh to download and post a whole bunch of pics of The Most Adorable One...and I want to assure my fb friends that I won't get to see this baby often so you won't have to keep enduring the avalanche of photos...clean litter and feed dog and love on him a bit as well

we are asleep well before midnight...and God Bless dh for going to fetch dtr this morning because I am not certain that I could make my butt sit in a car again today...not certain that I don't have a permanant cadillac imprint on my heinie...50k miles in a year and a quarter

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