Ouch Meow. It snowed here - I am packaging some and sending it express. Much prefer the cold - you can always warm up but the only way to cool down without AC is to immerse yourself in water. Actually, I remember once in Phoenix it was so hot that once could not even cool down in the pool...


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I am awaiting the arrival of snow from ED. Thankyou. Easier to get warm in winter, harder to cool off in summer. And there is no cool change in sight. Overnight will drop to 27C = 80F with 37C = 98F tomorrow. I really dislike this weather.
Many canadians get on planes in Oct/Nov and migrate down to florida for the winter - they are called, paradoxically, snow birds. Maybe you need to look into doing the opposite - but is there anywhere in Australia that has snow in the summer? I know NZ has mountains high enough but do not know enough about your country. Failing that maybe you should migrate to Canada and stay in one of the many vacant houses!


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okay wondering if we'll get some action in the IRU tonight...not likely, hoping that everybody is out welcoming in the New Year (safely!).

Larinda McRaven

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I just got home from a concert for New Years My ears are ringing, my head is pounding... from the concert not from drinking. And I am trying to stay up until West Coast midnight, but all I really want right now is to put on really warm pjs, hop into bed and be smothered by the dog and the two cats, because it is COLD.


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Hope you had a good time Larinda, and now that WCM (West Coast Midnight) has come and gone I hope you manage to get some super warm snuggles from your menagerie!
I've done the IRU loop - posting to myself 24 hrs later...
Well, nice to see you around ED, whats happening your end of midnight and where are meow, SDG and MBB???

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