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Thanks for all your suggestions guys. I'll get a referal to see a sleep doctor. I'm not going to have the time for a while though. Hopefully the fact that my exams are over will stop me sleep walking until I can see a doctor.
-pose is to keep Australia talking? :)
At the moment there is too much talking. We are in election mode with Polling Day tomorrow. Everyone is soooo over it, we will be glad it is over when it is over.:rolleyes:

How are the resident:rolleyes:IRUers, if there are any left? Gosh, at one time there were a few of us, now it seems just a couple of us are still entrenched. I like this thread - we can talk about anything we like without going off topic - as long as we can't sleep.
For some of us I suppose we can even do it while we are asleep! Do we have any sleep-posters? I certainly feel like I could be right now. Stomach feels a bit out of sorts. Hope its nothing - lesson today...

Odd that we don't hear from SDG here anymore either. Wonder where he took off for? LG used to drop in too right? Maybe The Real World interceded or maybe DF is under attach from martians and the gods have had to rally thuderbolts...
Doesn't SDG travel alot? Maybe he is away. TC used to drop in sometimes too but we haven't heard from him for a while. It seems lately there is you, me and MBB.
Where is everyone? I was on 2 hours ago and thought I'd check in now and there hasn't been a single post since I was on last!
The only excuse for you all not to be on is if you were dancing..
How many times must I remind everyone - I am a special cat!!!!! And I agree, those ads were driving me cat-crazy. Really glad it is over. Now for the result?
Yes. I have access to the computer but when eldest kitten is home he sleeps in the same room the computer lives in. That is when I can't get to it. Going over to Happy/Random to see what is going on.

By the way, new government elected. Kevin Rudd new PM. John Howard has probably lost his sreat in Parliament so even if his party had won, he wouldn't have been PM.
I'm glad I didn't have to vote. I don't particularly like either of them. I can leave the decision of who stuffs up our economy to my parents.:tongue:
Therein the problem lies - when you reach 18 you won't have a choice as voting is compulsory.
I don't trust politicians, they never answer a question directly and break promises all the time. But, we are not voting for a President. We are supposed to be voting for a party and their policies. And party leaders can and have been voted out of their leadership position midterm, so Rudd may be PM today but someone could challenge in the future. So, 'liking' Howard or Rudd shouldn't play into it, but as humans, it does.
Its hard to avoid the immediate though Meow, if you vote in Labor you know that Rudd will be PM and, if Australia is anything like England or Canada, once a PM is in position it takes an earthquake to remove them. Thus, at least here, if you vote in a party with a PM you better figure on that PM being in charge for the long haul.
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