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SDsalsaguy said:
Swing Kitten said:
so what's the break down for 'rank advancement' in regards to post count?
Passing Through: 0
New in Town: 3
Hired Hand: 10
Citizen: 25
Bourgeois: 50
Merchant Class: 100
Upper Class: 200
Royal Family: 300

Note: I am still a total dance-forums addict...the reason you haven't "seen" me here this weekend is that I was at the Embassy Ball in Irvine, CA and the reason you won't be seeing me here this coming week is because I'll be in Hollywood Beach, FL for the USDSC (United States DanceSport Championships). Hope everyone has a great week and I'll try to catch up with you all when I get home next week.


BTW, I hope you had fun at the Embassy Ball, wish I could have gone. Let us know how the USDSC goes! :D
I'm just a 'hired hand' but hey, I'm here. Was checking in before hitting the hay.

Of course, I'm on PST so it's only 10:30 -- not quite 'insomniac' material!

*must wash pantyhose for salsa tomorrow night*


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MissAlyssa said:
BTW, I hope you had fun at the Embassy Ball, wish I could have gone. Let us know how the USDSC goes! :D
Embassy was great, especially the Sunday night session, which was absolutely fantastic! The Pro Rhythm and Pro Latin were on the same night and the national champs in each style were there...on top of which the show that night was by the current Ballroom champions...for a total of seeing the current champions in all three disciplines all in one night!!!!! Awesome.

USDSC was great too....just got back to CA a couple of hours ago. Unfortunately I stayed up too late last night and somehow managed to leave my car and house keys in my room safe, so getting back into my apartment proved a little more complicated and time consuming then anticipated... :?

I'll post some reviews/comments in the Ballroom Forum within the next day or two...
Checkin' in...

Past midnight.
Home after 5 hours Salsa school, and a chat & a beer to cool down after classes :lol:

Of course forum is studied before bedtime. 8) 8) 8)
Danish Guy said:
Of course forum is studied before bedtime. 8) 8) 8)

somehow... I just knew I wasn't alone!! Although I am now making an effort to go to bed early and set my schedule straight. .... which only gives me about ten more minutes to finish with the forums tonight!!

---- gotta go!


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And, on another note, does anyone realize that pygmalion has gone from joining the forums to Royal Family status in under a month :shock:

We've got to have some special award for that, now don't we?

Hmmm.... I guess as Site Moderator I can probably do something about that, now can't I? OK, in that case then I hereby confer upon you the following award:

Oficial Dance Forums

Rapid Rise to Royalty Award

Presented to the most meritorious and deserving recipient,
the incomparable pygmalion on this 11th day of September, 2003



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Speaking of insomniacs, you all may find this amazing. I actually slept through the entire night last night, and didn't log into the forums once.

Frightening! I must be losing that old edge. Either that, or I was exhausted from weeks of waking up every hours on the hour, to check in.

Hmmm. :lol: :lol:


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The DFI (Dance-Forums “International”) List:

The DFI (Dance-Forums “International”) List:


Am I forgetting anyone?
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