iphone apps for tempo changes - useful tool for dancers!

I just bought iLift ($9.99) and from what I can tell so far it will be well worth the money.

- Easy to import a song from the library on the iPod/iPhone
Thanks for the feedback Josh! Great to know! Importing songs was definitely one of my major concerns. Definitely keep us updated with more use!

But on topic, I recently had pointed out to me a DJ program that runs on the iPad. It has tempo and pitch adjustments, and playlist management. It's called "djay" by Algoriddim.
Yes, but you have to run it off a Mac or an iPad. I started the thread because I needed something more portable than that, something that I could have with me at all times. Our university team lessons are on different days in different rooms, and with a partner who lives in a different state, I commute a lot and don't wanna lug a computer/ipad around... I don't even want to have to think about it ;)
If I have to have a computer with me at all times, then I will vote...
+1 for Audacity!
I think it is a bit different for you WC, in that you are in the collegiate circuit. Often the DJs you are exposed to, with the exception of David, are not professionals.

Try playing songs out of tempo at an NDCA comp and you will have every pro on your back complaining... you can't survive very long like that.
David's great, no question. Peter's very good about tempos too; I've had a discussion about that with him.

Just sayin' that if you only have 1% resolution, you'd still be within any rulebook tempos. It's also been my experience that the calculations of some tempo changing software aren't the greatest. You often end up with something slightly different from what you want, and ou can drive yourself crazy trying to get it exactly right.

If the NDCA comps DJs are so careful, I wish I knew why people would come back from those and complain that my rulebook latin music is too fast! Maybe it's time to find some youtube videos and start doing a survey of what I count ;-) If I get sufficiently fired up, I'll report back on df.


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wcc, you're probably aware of this, but there are different tempos played for different groups in the NDCA. Pro-am have their own tempi list and pros and ams have another. So some tempo difference can be attributed to that perhaps?

And just in my own un-scientific observations at the ndca comps I've been to, the music I have found to be fairly routinely slower than regulation is rumba. Most rumbas seem to play around 24-25mpm, while the official tempi is 27mpm for pro-am, and 26mpm for pros and ams.

And I have found that some comp djs give some of the novice to pre-champ dancers, and sometimes senior dancers a bit of a break on jive.

Again just my unscientific observations....
Hi lg, yes I've looked at both USA Dance and NDCA rulebooks. Sometimes ranges are specified even for a given situation. Sometimes you can get songs which are at identical tempo, but feel different. Tough to judge just by listening I guess.

And on rumba - I've heard some that are played slow enough for bolero! But everybody loves to watch a good couple milk the heck out of a rumba :)

Last night I saw something called "Tempo Magic" on a friend's iPod. It apparently does +/- 15% tempo changes on the fly. Don't know how much it costs but it sounded pretty good.

Sadly, I've yet to find something like that for Android.



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Check out "NanoStudio" for the iphone/ipod touch/ipad. It does all this plus much, much more. Create your own music in minutes. Google "NanoStudio" or go to youtube and search for "NanoStudio iPhone First Demo" to see it in action. I had a Korg syn that I paid $2k for several years ago and this $15 app blows it out of the water. Amazing software.
Thank you White Chacha!
just purchased "Tempo Magic". $4.99. So far looks like a good buy. Adjusting tempo +/-12%. which is enough to make a big difference, but no to make a zombie voice or high-pitched one).
pros: can add songs from your playlists on the go without using a computer. pretty easy use. friendly interface.
cons: the biggest one - there is no progress bar there, so you can play/pause, or jump from song to song which you added to the playlist, so if you working on a particular piece in the song (say starting at 2 minutes 45 seconds) you will have to wait 2 minuts 45 seconds before you will hear that piece. not that cool if you working on the show, for example...But I'm sure that they will fix that in updated versions.
There was a review on the website, that you cannot adjust tempo of the music that you bought on iTunes. iTunes songs worked fine for me with no problems.
read an opposite review that the only music you can adjust, is the music you've got from iTunes. wasn't true for me either.
People reported problems while adding big playlists (freezing of athe app). Added 117 songs playlist - it took 12 seconds. not bad...
All in all so far I'm happy. didn't find any big booboos yet. Will start working intensively on the floor next week (recovering from surgery), maybe will find more cool things or bugs then.
I exchanged email with the Tempo Magic folks. They said they are working on an Android version of the software.

It seems they market it for exercise/workout use where you want a bunch of songs to be at the same tempo and seamlessly strung together.

In any case, seems like it should be useful for dancer practice.
You can thank me later :>

I have this app called "slow notes music player" on the iphone. It does many of the things talked about. And best of all, IT'S FREE!!
Best App for Tempo Control

It's often useful to slow down or speed up music. I generally practice to music off my iTouch, played through an iPod speaker system.

Can anyone recommend a good tempo control app to download? Free is better, but I'd be willing to pay a few bucks to have this useful tool.
I've had good experiences with VirtualDJ Home (free for non-commercial use), but be warned that it will not let you slow down .m4p files (that is, files that you bought on iTunes before Apple phased out its FairPlay DRM). I particularly like that VirtualDJ lets you modify the song's tempo without modifying the pitch, and vice versa.

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Thanks everyone! I just downloaded djay app----ooooeeeeeeee secret fantasies of mixing & scratching just got more real! *so excited* i just need instructions now hahahah

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