Is Ray Rose and International better than Supadance ?

I am thinking of buying the Rayrose Carmen Latin heels in 3' flare despite of the price because I am really really curious and International ICS or ICS Superstar for Standard shoes (what is the difference between these 2 anyway ?) in 2.5' slim.

I am not sure why Ray Rose does not make a 2.5' slim heels as I cant dance standard in flare.

Does International fits more narrow than Ray Rose and Supa ?

I normally can fit into Supa normal width pretty ok.

Does anyone have these shoes and can give review ?

Thanks !
Natasha dances in the Tornado model from Ray Rose, she likes them.

I like Ray Rose mens latin shoes because they are soft, but Supadance is the best for Standard.


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Who is better? It depends on what you want...
I was the top seller for a popular dance shoe supply company here in the U.S. Our main brands were Supadance and International. All I can say is, it depends on your feet and your preferences. Its all relative.


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Also, in general, Supadance is wider than International, both in the arch and the ball. International has a higher arch...I'm not sure about Ray Rose, except I did try on the Carmen once. It seemed like the toe area was really wide and my foot slid forward...but I have flat feet.


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we have many threads on Ray Rose latins which describe different models and the characteristics of each. And yes, the Carmens have a wide forefoot.


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I always swore by International, it was all I would ever wear . . . and then when I tried Ray Rose, I now would never go back! I also have Tornado and love them so much I could kiss them . . . well, almost!


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For me international shoes (standard shoes) work the best, soft and comfy. Supa okay too. Never tried Ray rose. I heard about the rave about Ray rose shoes for Latin, but not for Standard.
I went from International extra narrow to Ray Rose... in the beginning was happy w how soft the Ray Rose felt and how the heel felt in better position... but stretched too fast and my foot slides; since they dont make them narrow.... I just order my first Supadance--

not sure it will be narrower than Ray rose, but my 1st impression seem like they are and hopefully they dont stretch as fast.


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Internationals (for women in Latin anyway) are made wider than other brands. I have ray rose blizzards and they're great. Although lately I've been dancing in my supadance and I'm starting to lean towards them again.
dance shoes for kids

I am new to this forum. And to the world of dance. So i mostly have questions than answers and remarks.
Do you know if I can find dance shoes for kids - size 2-3? I found a site in UK that sells Ray Rose shoes (my friend recommends English Ray Rose, Aida from Moscow and some Belorus shoes) for kids, but they are like $50-70. I think it's expensive for beginner dancers who's feet grow so fast. But we are looking to find maybe some used shoes. Do you know anyone?
I Was using Supadance for St for 15 years. Always was happy with them. Bought two pairs year ago and they broke after two months (using them only for teaching, not competing or practicing). Now dancing in Freed, they seem comfortable. I f you are using Freed and order them from their US Web-site mention that you are an instructor - shipping will be free.:)
Using AIDA for latin - my first pair lasted almost two years and I loved them. For ordering AIDA, I'm using They are not the fastest, but one of the cheapest. Sometimes it takes about a month to get them, but one pair cost about $90 - compare with $166 at AD Couture for example...


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Now I'm checking Rayrose site for lady's standard shoes again-they don't seem to have wide fit, only Medium, so I'm not sure about that since I need wide since my bunion hurts quite bad. Anyone know if they make wide fit for standard shoes? If so, I might try.


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It seems Ray Rose only makes medium fit for lady's Standard shoes, I checked their site again:(

Does anyone know if International has a website which I could order directly from them? I ordered thru dancesport UK and takes a long time to receive, maybe I shall try to order from International directly? I still feel mostly comfortable with International in standard shoes.

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