Japan Dance Connection

Looking for anyone reading DF who might be or will be living/stationed/visiting/lived in Japan to exchange questions, information about ballroom dancing there. Thanks in advance.
Hi BallroomDancerToo -

I lived - and danced - in Tokyo, Japan, for four years. Look forward to receiving your questions, will answer them to the best of my abilities and experience.

Won't be overly helpful re: studios / places to dance - I belonged to two studios in the four years and didn't go to too many other places, but can share thoughts re: what competitions look like, practices, lessons etc.

Thanks for the link SonInDance. The first link has a great website, very detail in english. I think most of the social dance studios open late in the afternoon or evening. Maybe I'll check them out next month when I go there. I heard Shibuya has a lot of dance clubs and universities that offer ballroom dancing as a recreation.

Hey DanceForLife, thanks for your reply. I would like to know how are the ladies as far as being asked to dance? Are they hesitant or are they normal. It seems like there's a lot of lady to lady partnering there.....maybe due to the universal law of more women than men do ballroom. Also, I understand it cost like $20 to just go to one of those dance clubs and then you have to buy drinks. I wonder if you have to buy them drinks or pay the lady dancers anything.

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