Keeping competition earrings on - advice!


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I dance open rhythm scholarship, and I keep losing earrings on the floor! I've tried a number of different pair: omega backs (the o-shaped lever on the back), French wire, and posts. Regardless, when I spot, typically snapping my head sends one earring spinning like Voyager out across the ballroom.

I bought a new pair of smaller, lighter weight hoops with a snap back, wore them to rehearse in yesterday, and sure enough - I lost one in swing. It has a snap closure, AND little plastic doohickeys that would (supposedly) keep them in place even if the snap opened.

I think I'm just going to glue the things closed and then pry them open at the end of the night with pliers. Unless someone out here has better advice, that is. I appreciate your suggestions!


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Well, for the large, heavy, clip on earrings I wear for Standard, I secure them with a little eyelash glue. It works, and I don't need pliers to get them off. :) As far as hoops go, maybe the Rhythm/Latin ladies have some suggestions?


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get some of those little erasers from the top of pencils and use them as'll never lose an earring again
I did try this once out of desperation; I wonder if I have thick earlobes or something, because there isn't enough post for both my lobe and the eraser. I didn't have time or an appropriate implement to cut the eraser in half to see if that would work. I'll try it again this week, though! Thank you!
Yes, I also use glue. In fact, I use my fake nail glue. I've never lost an earring, but I do put foundation on my earlobes as otherwise getting them off can smart! I also only compete about once a month. If I did this more frequently it would start hurting.


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I also agree eyelash glue probably is the best way to keep earrings on during comp, however a word of warning - if you have sensitive skins, keep wearing glues for a few days might cause skin irritation which is not pleasant:( I had used too much glues one time and caused some minor irritations; now I use the small clip on earrings which bought from Sapiel at Blackpool, those work the best, no need to put on any glues and just stay on!


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oh yes, forgot about the sweat, I've seen a competitor who sweat a lot took off all her earrings and necklace after a few rounds to make herself feel "lighter"

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I use the eyelash glue trick as well :)

For hoops in Latin, i pretty much always had them fly off as well, which is disappointing because I love the look. The closest i can get is a hooped-shape earring attached to a fishhook or leverback finding:

The danger with these though is that they obviously won't come off quite so quickly if they get caught on something, unless the finding is made with a softer metal (like silver). It's also aesthetically not the exact same effect as wearing a 'regular' hoop but at least they seem to stay on much better.


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There might be some other options depending on how the hoops close... some hoops have a post and can be glued.. if they have an omega, you can add the rubber back too (and glue) but if there is a "v" connection they will fly off...


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UPDATE: Eyelash glue did not work. :( Lost the left one at the start of rumba tonight. :/

if they have an omega, you can add the rubber back too (and glue) but if there is a "v" connection they will fly off...
I had a pair with omega backs and they still came off. I switched to this new pair because of the "v" connection - <sarcasm font> for SOME reason I thought those would stay on better! </s> ;) I have one last rehearsal before my comp so it's superglue or... I don't even want to think of the alternative. :(
Hmmm well it seems that earrings are not wanting to stay on no matter what :(

Have you tried just using eyelash glue and gluing on rhinestones?

I remember one time I forgot earrings for a performance and I got 6 ab rhinestones and glued 3 to each earlobe

Maybe you could try that? You can experiment with different size/color/design/formation of rhinestones...

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