Know anyone shy but confident when they dance?

I know some shy people who are good dancers, yes. But anyone who is good at something tends to have confidence in that situation. So a good dancer would tend to be more confident inside the dance community than elsewhere.

But gaining confidence in one situation will over time probably give more confidence in other situations too. So good dancers will probably learn to be more confident in more situations.

Confidence may be a prerequisite to reaaly shine on the dance floor. But anyone who is good at the dancefloor will probably gain more confidence in general from this.

Anyway, that's what I think.
DWise1 said:
Which is the nice thing about dancing, RIdancer. It increases our confidence and changes our self-image, usually for the better.
That's very much true. I've learnt to accept my body more. I've also become less shy to look at myself in the mirror, wear more revealing clothes, walk around in a swimsuit, etc.


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Backstreet said:
The best dancers always exude confidence when they dance. They cannot be shy but have to appear outgoing and completely into what they are doing. Do you know anyone that you would consider a REALLY good dancer yet in person they are shy, timid, not very confident, or anything of that nature?

From my experience, all of the best dancers always have an outgoing personality to match that. As an illustration, all of my teachers are very out going and sometimes act goofy for a few laughs. I would hardly consider any of them shy. Furthermore, the best dancers at my studio always appear to be full of energy and outgoing. (I've hung out with some of them outside of dance.)

Do you know any really good dancers that are shy, timid, not confident, in person?[/b]
Me to a t. I'd rather dance than talk. I shocked one of my friends who was asonished at the transformation form the normal, reclusive, introvert, shy etc etc to this confident dancer. I even teach now, but when I demontrate dancing ( as opposed to just doing an exercise) I have to imagine that there's no-one there watching. I am strictly NOT a performer.

My confidence is limited to the dance floor

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