Ladies - favorite Latin shoe?


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pygmalion said:
Okay. Pet peeve time. Flesh colored shoes aren't. Not if you have darker skin. I wonder what dark-skinned Black girls do. They must have their shoes custom dyed, because I have a light/medium complexion and only the dark tan (I think color #18 in Supadance) is dark enough not to look neon against my skin. :x Really Black Black girls are out of luck.
Only if they're trying to match relative to their skin tone Jenn.... plenty of women compete in black Latin shoes for instance.

(Although I agree with you that "flesh colored" is quite the misnomer!)


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True, SD. A lot of women do wear black shoes. But everyone I've talked to says that you should not wear black shoes. They truncate your leglines. And they really do. I've watched myself on video. Black shoes are a no go.

Oh yeah, and by the way, Black women aren't black, for the most part. They're varying shades of brown. Few of which are available in dance shoes. :x


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You know that's not what I meant Jenn! :wink:

In general I also agree with you regarding black shoes and how they shorten the leg line. At the same time, however, I also have to concede that I have seen some top notch competitors pull them off quite succesffuly... usually (although not always) with some type of black fishnet or some such so that the black shoes still function as extensions of the leg line.


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Yes, SD. I wasn't trying to be unnecessarily difficult. And I've also seen some folks successfully pull off the black shoes -- usually something well-coordinated with whatever outfit they were wearing. You're right.
Well supadance are good dance shoes but when I buy a pair the bottom of the sole is usually shaped like this ) so they wobble until they get flatten out. Nothing I can't compensate for in the balance with my feet but I'd rather not fight my shoes. I also find the heel placed to far back whereas my capezio latinas have the heel place under the middle of the ball of foot. Its hard to describe how it feels different but it does to me and I know thats why. Also the shoes aren't as flexible and I find the metal shank far too long whereas the latinas seem to have a shorter 3/4 shank which allows more flexibility. I find that sometimes I find my feet actually fall asleep in my supadance sandals bc they can't felx enough. I ahve very strong feet and used to snap my shanks in pointe shoes so I like the most flexible shoes verus the one that lasts the longest

Also I love how my latinas are t bars but then they also have the strappy look to them and I can get 2 pairs for the cost of one of my supadance. I am liking my new supadance practice shoes with the 2" cuban heel thoug


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Have you tried other Capezio ballroom shoes, other than the t-bars? I have a couple pair, some court shoes and some pumps, and I HATE them. I can't seem to find and keep my balance in them. What have you experienced, tasche?

I have to admit, they are less expensive. And Capezio has some pretty newer styles I might be willing to try. There are a couple websites that regularly discount them 25%. Oh yeah, and discount dance supply has them too, I believe.
samba ajr, heel protectors work that well??? ...Are yours made specifically for the brand of shoe you wear, or are they interchangeable with any shoe? I worry about them not fitting on my heels properly. Where did you order them? Do they break easily?
I got mine from Showtime. The ones I use are for flared heeled shoes (IDS) and once you get them on, they stay on. They usually wear down and need to be replaced before they'd break (it's a fairly flexible plastic). I've gotten used to them, but I think they could affect balance for some people. I've tried the slim heel ones, and they don't stay on as well. I tried them with suede on the bottom, which I liked, but whenever I released my toe, the cover came off!

I do have one pair of shoes that has suede on the bottom of the heel tip, and this keeps the heel from wearing down as well.

As for smooth shoes,... avoid flared heels because it is wayyyy too hard to do heel leads in them, and pointed toe shoes because the extra length makes it harder to do toe leads.
I've put off getting the slim heel smooth shoe because I thought I'd be wobbly, but if it solves my heel lead problem, I'm all for it. I've saved Larinda's shoe picks and will choose one of them when I order again.

As for shoe color, I've found that Capezio's "suntan" (this is in leather) makes my feet nearly invisible. I like to think of it as "pink" and works well with my ivory complexion. I really also like the "flesh satin"-- nowhere near my complexion, but they look great.[/quote]
pygmalion said:
Have you tried other Capezio ballroom shoes, ... Oh yeah, and discount dance supply has them too, I believe.
I got a pair from Discount for $20 ("Vienna") , and a friend got two pairs for about $30--but be careful, they're "irregular". The first pair my friend got, each shoe fit differently. We wouldn't send them back, not for $15! So they're awaiting their Cinderella, on display at the dance studio.

Now I understand I shouldn't wear a flared heel for smooth--oh well, I can use them for general dancing. :D
I've only tried the latinas in the 2.5" and the 3" They seem to be one notch up from the rest of their shoes in quality. I went to the capezio store and tried every style they had and this was the winner hands down. So if you've had bad experiences with capezio ( we used to call it "crapezio") then try the latina it is a very well designed and constructed shoe. elandanse has them for $72 I think


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I'll try on the latinas. I'm pretty sure a couple dance stors here carry them.

BTW, has anyone tried the flexi-soles? Elegance carries them -- I'm pretty sure you can special order any Elengance shoe with the flexible sole. And Supadance has their Supafit competitive dance shoe line with flexible soles.

My dance shoe seller didn't recommend them. She said they give the foot less suport. So I didn't get them. But does anyone here have experience with them?
They give you foot less support but they give you more flexibility. Its a trade off. Of course byusing flexible soles your forcing your foot to strengthen up by the mere fact that your not letting the shoe do all your work. I find that since I can do al the footwork best with bare feet that the shoe that brings me closet to that is the best one for me.

YMMV but its worth giving them a try next time and if it doesn't work out for you you can trade back to a stiffer shoe
On the issue of african-american women and what color shoes they wear (sorry if I'm jumping in a bit late on this one)...I was baffled by this as well...I mean, flesh colored shoes are typically the color of caucasian flesh, not african-american flesh...and if black women tried to wear flesh-colored shoes (which are lighter than their skin tone) wouldn't it just truncate their leg lines, much like wearing pure white shoes would for a white woman? :? Then I was looking through this really cool book about ballroom dancing my mom got me for Christmas, and I saw a picture of a couple from South Africa doing a cha-cha move...she was wearing chocolate brown shoes that had been dyed to match her skin tone perfectly! She had the most gorgeous leg lines, and the shoes were a beautiful color...I guess there are options for those who don't necessarily fit the shoe manufacturer's definition of "flesh-colored", but I still think they should offer multiple "flesh tones"...a light one for fair-skinned women, a bronzier one for us medium-skinned gals, and a dark one for our dark-skinned sisters. Then again, this is not necessarily the most economical choice, so it probably won't happen for a long time...'s really puzzling to me how Supadance shoes seem to be wobbly when you first buy them :shock: I guess maybe they make them like that so that ever individual that buys them can break them in in whatever way is comfortable to them...? I don't know, I guess I am just so used to high-quality shoes (my first pair were Ray Rose and my second pair were Freed...not to say that Supadance is of bad quality!) with such a good reputation that I would hate to think Supadance is getting away with selling an inferior good. *shrug* I guess I'll just have to wait and birthday is coming up and I'm asking for a pair of court shoes from them...I just hope they aren't wobbly, or if they are, that I have a chance to wear out the wobbles before my next competition on Feb. 21 :shock:

I remember you saying awhile back that your shoe dealer didn't recommend the Supafit line from Supadance, pygmalion, because the soles were so flexible that they didn't offer adequate foot support, so I have avoided them...until I was talking with the faculty advisor for our team about them. Basically, she said the same thing as tasche: they just require your feet to work more. The flexibility they give is unparalleled for showing line, but unless you have very strong feet (which most beginners haven't developed yet), they should be avoided because they can lead to foot problems, such as fallen arches (which my mother already has, and she has never even danced! :shock: ). Plus, she said they tend to wear out more quickly because they are made a bit thinner in order to accomodate the greater flexibility of the sole. So basically she said that they're good for more advanced dancers who need to show more line and have a lot of foot strength...not really a good shoe for beginners :? I don't plan on buying a pair of them anytime soon (me and the Tinas still have a lot of time to spend together :lol: ) but I'm sure as I become more advanced I will invest in a pair.

Ahhh, Crapezio, errr, CAPezio :lol: When I bought my first pair of shoes four months ago everyone told me "whatever you do, don't buy Capezio...they're CRAP!" Well, not that exactly...basically my team captain told me "If you plan on dancing for awhile, don't buy Capezio because they fall apart before the year is up. But if you don't plan on dancing for a long time or aren't sure, they're an okay buy." So I have avoided them like the I haven't seen any ones that looked cool or came in a flesh tone (my legs just look stubby in black shoes :cry: ) But oh well, I have never tried them, so I guess my opinion has to be taken with a grain of salt...
I've been afraid to buy shoes for the longest time because I have a high instep. I do pretty good with a leather dance sneaker or a laced practice shoe because I can adjust fit across the top of my foot but now, I need at least a 2-inch latin-styled heel. I've tried on a few heels, including a capezio latin heel, but either the back rim of the front toe strap hits my instep (ouch!) or a strap across my instep is too tight. (double ouch!) :headwall: Even a wide shoe does not work because then my foot falls out of the shoe. Any suggestions?
peachexploration said:
I've been afraid to buy shoes for the longest time because I have a high instep. I do pretty good with a leather dance sneaker or a laced practice shoe because I can adjust fit across the top of my foot but now, I need at least a 2-inch latin-styled heel. I've tried on a few heels, including a capezio latin heel, but either the back rim of the front toe strap hits my instep (ouch!) or a strap across my instep is too tight. (double ouch!) :headwall: Even a wide shoe does not work because then my foot falls out of the shoe. Any suggestions?
LOL, after I say this I think everyone is going to start thinking that I'm working for Freed or something, but I think a pair of Tina's would solve your problem, peach! :D I have both very high arches and a very high instep, and my old shoes did nothing to help it...I felt off-balance and like I couldn't control my shoes because the ankle straps were tight but the rest of the shoe was loose. But now that I have my Tina's, which have 5 toes straps and then a t-strap that goes around the ankle, I feel like I have the right fit in all the right places. The ankle strap is extremely comfortable, as you can adjust how tightly it fits so it doesn't cut into your instep, but it also keeps your foot very secure so you don't just "slide out". Plus Freed is a great brand and the shoes are just so might want to check them out at

There are a few other shoes I can think of that are similar to the Tina that might work for you...the Supadance 1410, Supadance 1401, International Melissa, International LTB, or the Supadance 1029/Hazel Latin (hehe, I have a showtime catalog in front of me, I may be a shoe freak but I don't memorize shoe names and numbers...except Tina :oops:) They are all basically the same design: a t-strap shoe with some sort of strapping across the toes. I think t-straps might work for you since they don't have a bunch of straps that criss-cross over the instep or have multiple straps that could dig into your instep (I know the feeling of having straps dig into your instep...OUCH doesn't even touch it! :cry:) Really any t-strap shoe would might also try shoes in which the straps can be worn as an ankle strap OR an arch strap, such as the Supadance 1067, Supadance 1403, or Freed Sylvia. If you wore them as an arch strap, I think they would accomodate your high instep and still keep you pretty secure.

There is one other option I can think of...since you said you were having trouble with the front toe strap hitting your instep, you might try a shoe with adjustable toe straps, such International Tasha, Supadance 1718 or Supadance 1618. These look like they could solve both your problems (with digging toe straps and tight straps across your instep), particularly the has two adjustable-width toe straps and an adjustable width ankle/arch strap (again, you can choose which way you wear added bonus!) Now that I think about it, I think you might do really well with the could adjust the width of the toe straps so that they would either accomodate your instep or keep your foot back far enough so that they wouldn't dig into your instep, and you could adjust the width of the ankle/arch strap and wear it as an arch strap so that it wouldn't dig into your instep. Plus (my favorite part :D ) they are really pretty shoes...they have rhinestone buckles on all the straps! Hehe, I love sparkly girly things...anyway, most of these shoes can be found at, or each shoe manufacturer's website. I hope this has helped...good luck and let me know if you find success!!!


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peachexploration, let me know if youwant to go dance shoe shopping together sometime. They're a little pricey, but there's a dance shoe store in Altamonte Springs which is a great place to buy your first pair of dance shoes. The ladies know what they're doing, and have a great selection of shoes, so they can help you find a good fit. After that first pair, you can go mail order, if you want, and search for bargains on the web.

Let me know if you need/want help. :D



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I think you and I are kindred spirits. :D

Give me a moment to think fond shoe thoughts. mmm...

Oh sorry. Back to myself. I have shoe catalogs too, so when I go to the dance shoe store, I know exactly what to ask for -- style name, size, color, heel height, the whole nine yards. I usually have it pretty close to memorized. The ladies at the dance store think I'm nuts.

And, btw, at least my dance store does custom dying, but the darkest color they have is the dark tan -- Supadance color #13. Anybody darker has to buy white shoes and have them dyed at the shoe repair shop. :x

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