Larinda's "Missing" Dress


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right... and I saw someone wearing the remake, legitimately, one time. I had every official on the dais ready to pounce when she came off the floor. Then found out she got is direct from the designer. And THAT is how I found out about the remake. :(

ohhhhh I bet your little ol' heart was pounding a mile a minute! :cool:

Larinda McRaven

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It was at Ohio... and 6 officials honestly were waiting at the deck for her to exit from her open scholarship. It was not pretty, and would have gotten worse. We were all amped up. But then I had a gut feeling that I needed to head quickly down to the vendors and just run the scenario by her asap.


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Well that is too bad that someone would feel justified in doing this. It makes mean think of "Cranky Old Lady" and Isabella, Larinda. People think the world is their toy box and other people don't count.. I know you believe that what goes around comes around. I sure do.

No the dress was never located. Unfortunately the designer decided to make an exact copy of it. So as that one moves around from owner to owner... I will never know if it is the original or the remake. :(

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