Larinda's "Missing" Dress

Ummmm......guys, world not so small anymore and we have more than 1 dress to look for. I emailed Larinda last night, we have had 3 stolen in the last 3 weeks. 2 of them from Philly. We have the person on video. The dresses were taken at 1:30am from our booth. I feel that its a dance person. There is something very specific about how and what was taken that would lead me to believe that. We have installed a very high tech inventory control that will go further. Think about it. That person won't wear the dress. They are going to sell it to an unsuspecting person in a studio.

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I called the hotel... for 4 days before I could get anyone to listen to me. I kept getting transferred and the call would drop. Or they would just tell me to hang up and call back to a different number (which of course did not work). It wasn't until the 4th day when I told them I was moving fwd with the police report, with or without the hotels help, that I was finally transferred to the correct person. But that was all... I got to talk to the right person, nothing got done about it but a report was filed.


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have had that before as well and then gotten a call a few days later when the non-weekend staff actually showed up...I hope you left a contact number for any rate...good luck...will keep my eyes out for your dress...

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That is what I am afraid dressgirl. The person holding the dress will just sell it within a studio to some woman that has no clue. But I plan to look through all of the photos from every competition for the next year until I see that dress.
Well, one .......everyone who has been to OH, Holiday or a host of others will know at sight. Its Lisa Vogel's white satin skirt gown with the high slit. So I do have access to photos of it. The other one is tricky. Its a rack dress we did for Heritage which has gotten a lot of attention, but hasn't sold. Its tiny and very different with tiers of pleats in shades of coral. And as we had to send it out fast for Heritage, we didn't get a shot of it. But we think a staff member shot one perhaps with a cell phone, so we are going through that now. The third was taken out of a small event in Miami and I am positive it was staff of the Club. There weren't many options at that event. And we have no photos of it. They were all Dore gowns and all owned by the company.

I had my cell phone stolen at Heritage last year out of my booth. And I was in it. I think its hard for people to get that our environment is changing. My booth was in the ballroom requiring a ticket to get in. It wasn't misplaced. We tore the booth apart. We called every customer who was in the area with a purse, in case someone picked it up by accident. No one had it. I watch the booth pretty carefully, but I do get busy. I am sure that I know the who or who's involved. I would never make that accusation though without proof.

I'm about to invest in a security system/plan for the booth. Anyone who has purchased from an American Designer, knows the value of 3 new dresses. Lisa's was discounted as she had worn it, but the others were brand new. Its a lot of money no matter how you slice it.

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This is what is so bizarre! How these things can start creeping up on us, and then we just end up taking them as a fact of the situation... "oh well you know, I should never leave my bag unattended, it was bound to happen someday..." is a horrible place to get to.

We should never forget that it is just wrong to steal. That we are a community and a family that should support one another. I hope it never gets to be common place for us to just accept that things get stolen when you turn your back.
I read this earlier and can't believe someone would have the gusto to do something like this, it's not like they will not get caught!


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Ballroom has been getting more attention these days. The downside to this is some idiots are going to attempt to take advantage of us. Everyone knows such actions are wrong, and we can make it tougher for them to do it.

By the way, nice dress! Will keep an eye out for it. What a bummer. I'm fearful that some unsuspecting person will buy it or the others mentioned. Totally a bummer.


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Don't forget to check e-bay or other sites where they might try to sell it. They may try to sell it to someone on the other side of the world. Evil people, if it were stolen, lets hope that it was innocent mistake but since there seem to be other episodes it may not be likely. That behavior is always so disappointing :-(
Larinda - suggestion: although you are certainly not so hard to find perhaps posting a formal address where it could be sent anonymously would be helpful. Post it as a separate thread and lock/sticky it so it is at the top of the list and will have only the one piece of information.

With some of the things that have been said on this thread an innocent person who ended up with it accidentally is unlikely to come forward publicly for fear of accusation. A good person in this situation might return it if they had easy out.

As people were there from all over the country it may be someone who is not familiar with your studio and its mailing address. Although your website is in your tagline a sticky thread would make it easy for even the least observant person

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