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For those who have been competing lately. What is the style for the ladies hair in latin? Up, down, half up half down, slicked back, ect? Thank you!
For those who have been competing lately. What is the style for the ladies hair in latin? Up, down, half up half down, slicked back, ect? Thank you!

look at a pictures on female dancers on

a think the best is to put a hair in a chignon.

don't ever have hair up. it doesn't look good.

if you have a long hair, you can put in a tale, but down. if you want I can send you some pictures.
When I had long hair, I use to slick it back and put it in a bun, but now that I've cut it short, I just style it like I normally do but put more hair spray and go. Love my hair short for latin--causes issues with standard but that's another story. :p


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this weekend at Colorado Star Ball, for the pros I saw lots of the 'pageboy' style of cuts that they could brush their hands through as they danced. Or, as stated earlier, ponytails that were braided.


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Any ideas for rhythm hair? I have bangs, so that may be a pain to deal with. Boo Hiss:( But, thanks for the latin help.
I've been seeing a lot of loose hair in Rhythm. Joanna Zacharewicz does a particularly good job with the look.

Regarding bangs, I'm guessing enough gel and pins can keep them out of your face. On the other hand, a few ladies in Latin sported their bangs with pride this weekend at Yankee Classic:
latin hairstyle ideas ?

welll, im tired of the classic, slicked back low bun for latin.
anybody else have any other hairstyles that could be possiblee ?

thanks in advance :D
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I'm going to my first competition and have been trying to coax my hair into a bun. My hair is very fine and I tried elastics - they slide out even after I loaded my hair with spray. I am going to try pins though I suspect I will have the same issue. Other than bobby-pinning it to death (my current solution) does anyone know fine hair tricks or whether there are accessories out there that might help? Thanks!
My advice is to go to your stylist and have her make the bun. Then if you put a satin pillowcase on your pillow you can sleep on it, and then just fix strays in the morning. I have fine hair, too and I tried to get them to stay in a little ponytail with a fake bun on top, and it just did not work out. So I went to my stylist and she did it for me. And then I just slept on it for one night, because I had showcase on Sunday and the salon is not open on Sundays.


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What about the long single braid look, either high or low on your head? Like the look but from reading other threads, see it could smack your partner so sometimes the dancers tether it to their costume.


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Yep. Let me think, most often seen it over left shoulder attached to costume in front.

For really long hair like that, looking at some of Larinda's pictures for ideas is always a goodd thought too.
Scorpio, I assume you are using a net? For me that helps a LOT--like, surprisingly a lot.

The other solution, although this is probably going overboard if it's just your first comp, is to tease your hair (after you've put it in a ponytail with an elastic). That way the elastic won't slip out because your hair will be so big it won't be able to!


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I have found the perfect way to make the perfect Chignon bun! And its fast, easy and it looks proffessional and you dont need a hair stylist. I use it everyday for work. to be able to get this nice Carrie Bradshaw bun on top of the head.

However i have a question regarding this, would it be silly to compete with a bun on top on the head, and not low like everyone else has? (Maybe not a bun as big as on carrie here on the picture a bit smaller bun )

Anyway, so back to my latest discovery...

Its this:

I bought it from my hairdresser and i love it!! You seriously get the perfect, proffessional bun! And me i have really thin hair and with this thing my bun looks really full. No need of getting hair extensions... However there are tons of different "tools" for chignon buns to use, for example my tool (above) i use it like the pic here... (However on the pic, they use some other tool). But i really recommend this- Go and ask your hairdresser!

thanks for the ideas :)
but i have layers.. any way for those layers to stay in a braid ? just gel/hairspray and a lot of sticky stuff ? or would they eventually fall out.


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I was wondering another thing, because i really like this hairstyle:

Will it look "wrong" to have this kind of hairstyle on a latin competition? And i dont want my hair to be sleek in the front, I dont want it to be geled at all. (obvious i will use hairspray to fix it, but no gel, sleek, shiny look for me) Will i look out of place, or Wrong if i dont go for the traditional sleek hair + bun or ponytail look?

Thanks for advice.

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