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Hmm. So many things I could say, but won't. Grief and loss are very personal experiences and I wouldn't presume to intrude on yours.

PM me if you need someone at any point, ever. I also have skype and an international calling plan on my mobile to which you have access whenever. This has always been true, but just figured I'd reiterate.


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Grandma went into hospital tonight...I went to see her a couple of hours ago.

She got a lot worse, very quickly...when I arrived she was only partially conscious, confused, and repeating herself. She was aware that we were there, but she wasn't well at all. She's very jaundiced, and very sick.

I went, I said goodbye, but I don't want to wait with her however many hours it will take for her to die. That could be all night. It could be tomorrow sometime. But I don't really want to be there when it happened. I've said goodbye to her, and she said goodbye to me. That's enough, for now.

Hoping that when the time comes, it will be relatively easy for her. I don't predict her lasting any more than 24 hours.
many people prefer to die without their loved ones having to see it...


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All my thoughts to all here...

Latest job interview results in nothing doing; have had many. I was actually beginning to wonder if I would have been better off to remain in my previous location, but backing away from that thought now. Aside from unemployment everything else with being back here is fine. Oh well, a good weekend of dancing is coming up.


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I have been struggling with a terrible housemate situation since late December. I left for vacation and came back in the beginning of May to find it just as bad, if not worse, and then after one week of hell the housemate couple splits, they both leave and am trying to get them to clear out all their things from my house. 1 week and still going on...


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Sad news from our dance scene; the son of one of the studio owners died on Wednesday. It was a suicide. The Friday dance was held as usual and some such as myself went there later to pay respects. He had taught there. So sad, he was young. In his early 30's at most.

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