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I mentioned earlier that I have Restless Leg Syndrome; I'm actually participating in a study on RLS that is being done at a local research clinic. A medication is being tested in lower doses for the treatment of RLS. I've been given three bottles of tablets and am to take one from each before bedtime. At least one is suppose to be the drug and at least one a placebo, or all three could be a placebo, the doctor and staff don't even know which is which. Began taking them two nights ago and it is effective and helps me to sleep better as well, but the most amazing thing is an elevated mood when I get out of bed in the morning, I've been pretty gloomy in the mornings as of late, but none since taking these tablets. The drug in question is Gabapentin which I understand is actually used my mental patients, but also for RLS; so maybe it has mood elevating properties? And I get paid 50 dollars for every appointment.
$50 to feel good, so far. I'm glad that things are helping.


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I don't know if this is whining or life is hard, but I want to do this job well, I really do, I need a paycheck (as soon as owner gets his head on straight and gets said check RIGHT-direct boss and everyone else did warn me about this) but my hand, especially my right hand, hurts so much. Tendonitis, carpal-tunnel, I don't know, but sleeping in a brace isn't really helping. I'm still waking up in pain. I know it's positional/activity related as it goes away with a couple days off, but then it's back. Besides a high deductible, I suspect that visiting the doctor is just going to send me to a specialist which eats up more time. And it's so frustrating, I KNOW I'm not doing a great job stretching dough, for example, but my right hand is going numb trying to do it.

Probably more whining. But it's hard. I want to do well here.


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Thank you everyone. Tonight is the first night for his wake - happens to be my 26th birthday. While I don't really even want to acknowledge it is my birthday, I will try my best to smile at some point because, as a friend pointed out, i know someone very special would want me to.


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My DW is having surgery Thursday. It's female problems, and you gals probably know what that means. She's been in pain for some time, so she's actually looking forward to getting it done and over with. I have to admit I'm a bit worried -- her doctor assures her that it's routine and that they are unlikely to find any malignant cells. Still... we have some friends whose young daughter died a few years ago of a form of uterine cancer that was never really diagnosed. That keeps playing in the back of my mind. I've said nothing about my concerns because I don't want to complicate the situation.


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Hang in there, cornutt. Female problems is a kind of broad category so I may be off-base. Years ago, I had a period of a few years where stuff wasn't right and I had to have several procedures to remove pre-cancerous cells. It was terrifying but turned out to be nothing but the doctors being cautious.

I know it's silly for me to say so, but try not to worry too much. (As if you could choose not to worry about your wife, right?) It could be anything but it's probably nothing. She'll be all right.



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Cornutt, hope it goes well tomorrow. Before the docs put me out for my "female problem" the docs gave me dire consequences depending upon what they found. It all went well, thankfully--little incisions, everything benign. I hope your wife comes through this well. Thinking of you. It isn't easy.

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