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Miraculously, he has been found alive... He drove his truck off the road and into a hidden ravine Saturday night. He laid in the truck until this morning, with no food or water. This morning, with a broken leg and broken shoulder, he somehow managed to climb out of the ravine and back up to the road, and flag down a car. He's in the hospital now.


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Just found out that DP's GF's new dance partner committed suicide a few days ago. So incredibly sad, for her, for him, and for the dance partnership they were starting. It was going so well.



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Wow. I am lacking the words. In these cases, it seems like we never know what's going on with them until it is too late. I wish there was a better way.

Stay involved in the lives of your loves ones. Make sure they understand that you are there for them.


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Last week, a girl was raped at my former high school in an empty classroom, and as if that wasn't scary enough, last night, a grad student at my university shot his two roommates, killing one, and wounding the other before committing suicide. The student he killed was friends with a lot of my friends and I'd met him a couple times, nice guy.
Will be two years tomorrow the passing of my dad - i miss him lots too.

It still only seems like yesterday.... going out with my mum and sister tomorrow to see my dad's grave then we'll be having lunch together. My sister is feeling really down recently so hopefully our day together will lift her spirits somewhat.

I'm really sorry to read the comments though from the past few months (just catching up). Big hugs to everyone out there.


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Thank you :) I remember posting on this thread a couple of days after, I really don't know where the time goes.

Thanks too fascination :)

I remember it too, FD. I remember the long run-up and so many things that would make me cry just to say them. I remember when it happened. It just doesn't seem like two years ago.

Please hug your Mum extra hard for me.

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