Looking to sell (any offer) 3 Chrisanne Gowns Purchased in Blackpool from Chrisanne consignment


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I bought those 3 gowns in Blackpool few years ago and they have been sitting in my closet. Willing to sell them for pretty much any offer. Only the Geoia Ceresoli gown has been worn. Other 2 were never worn after I purchased them.

Lilac is in great condition and stoning looks pretty good, but skirt needs to be reserged at the seams. Photos are not the best unfortunately

The purple is for shorter lady, stoning looks really good, its very rich, tons of stones and large crystal ab stones. Someone who tried said skirt looks like it has some snags in skirt. Also, it has really big bra cups which would need to be replaced. It is made from great shaded fabric.

The pink yellow gown is from Geoia Ceresoli. It is really teeny. Very heavily stoned as well. Some small stones look bit old and you can see darker area around the contact point but all the large stones look great. it could make a great bodice if someone wanted to replace the skirt with something with more volume.

I listed prices on those gowns in the albums but willing to take a lot less as just trying to clear out space for some new gowns. PM me if you have any questions. I will consider ANY offer.


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That pale yellow/pink gown is so lovely, but you're right... probably would only fit my skeleton :eek:. I like to be able to breathe when dancing.

The lilac one will be a great steal for someone. I'd grab it if I didn't already have a purple gown.


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If I hadn't jut gotten a dress I would have totally snatched up the pink one! I'm am always on the prowl for a short tiny dress lol.


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Still have the purple and the yellow pink dress. Would be ok to sell purple for 400 and pink for 600 to give an indication of how low I am willing to go :)

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