Lunch Time Club!

Couple of fake hamburgers. Not vege burgers but soy protein that's made to look like meat. Surprisingly good - I had Wendy's the other night and thought their "real" burgers were gawdawful. Of course, I negated all the goodness of soy by washing them down with a Mountain Dew. Ah well, baby steps...

And no cookies for the last three days in the admissions office. What's with that???


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for lunch and dinner; same thing...comfort food meets something healthy

comfort food...shameless processed casserole...cubed chicken, diced fozen potatoes, mixed with cream of chicken and cheddar cheese soups...say what you will, it was delicious (bit of cayenne)...then, to redeem self, homemade version of borscht...sans the sour cream which can be added...also substituted beef shank for ham...celery, cabbage, onion, beets, potatoes, carrots, and green pepper (only because dh likes it)....sauvi blanc and a sweet-tart sucker :)

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