mac vs. chanel blush brush

Does anyone have a recommendation for a great blush brush that will not shed its bristles. I am looking at these two brands mainly because I trust their makeup.


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I have many MAC brushes and love them. Brushes will start to shed over time -- my MAC blush brush is at least five years old and it's just now starting to shed. But it's been a lot better than the no-name brand brushes I've had -- some of them start shedding pretty much right away.


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I have the sephora Blush brush, works very well. I generally prefer MAC Blush over Chanel. MAC blush is good quality and usually doesn't fall off after using for a while.
I have had both; the Chanel did not last as long as the MAC. I have a friend who used to be in the make-up industry (Nars) and she recommends the MAC brushes. I do also have brushes from Bare Escentials, and I like those, too.
I have a chanel brush and it is excellent, had it for years, only problem has been loosing it!!:rolleyes: Mine is round, not sure of benefit though!! May be more natural application???


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#14 gals have given me so much insight on MAC vs Chanel brushes. I am just nuts, crazy, ga-ga about brushes. I have MAC, Bobbi Brown, art stores brushes, Sephora, etc.

I have a MAC powder brush (8 yrs now) and sadly it is starting to shed. I like MAC for heavy make up, Bobbi Brown or CVS for natural, but...

For a natural look brush, I like the "Essence of Beauty" angled powder for blush or powder (imitation Bobbi Brown, natural wood colored). They are pretty good for $8-$10 a pop. The brushes at other drugstores such Walgreens, Longs, Rite Aid are not as good.

I look for made in France, Germany or Japan. If it's made in China, the quality can still be ok but don't pay over $10. Ok, I could talk about brushes forever, but I won't. :rolleyes:


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Thanks so much everyone! Is there an advantage to that angled brush? I had never considered the shape, just who made it.
It's all preference, but I would apply blush with an angled brush to get color darker, and going up at a 45 degree angle at cheek bone. Then I would dust off excess with a looser flat/round brush MAC #187 Duo Fibre Brush http: // (also applies bronzer highlight) or Bobbi Brown Face Blender Brush (I have this one and love it) http: //

CVS angle brush - looks just like bobbi brown right?
http: //

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i have clarins brushes.

and i adore them
Clarins brushes are shaped really nice. Especially the mineral powder fluffy brush. I like how they don't have too many, just the basics because with MAC you can get confused with such a selection.

This has turned into a makeup forum. lol. The girls have taken the lead in dancing. :tongue:


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I like the angled brush, it can put on blushes darker and brings out contour of the face better.

Thanks for remind me the "Essence of Beauty" selections, I think I've seen it at Duane Reade, natural wood color handle; maybe now DR just started to carry it, I will check them out. I love brushes too!!!


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