mac vs. chanel blush brush


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correct...I was my dad's only son for 10 years...and my mom grew up with only two of her closest siblings...both um...I missed out on alot of this stuff and have never really had access, opportunity, or inclination to focus too much on I view doing my make up as an art...but I don't ruminate overly much about the stuff...just the end product......meh...I am weird that way...also not into shoes or chocolate...I feel sort of defective
Haha! Makes sense. I was starting to think maybe it was all the pictures of erect blush brushes or something.:p Of course, being a not so girly girl myself, I appreciate threads like this for helping me learn to be more girly in my everyday life!:)
Unfortunately for all involved, I put the "frou" into "frou-frou". I love make-up and product and cannot go anywhere without picking up something. It doesn't make any difference if it is WalMart or Nordstrom, I find some new product I "must have". Sad, very sad.


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oh well this morning I was at CVS checking out some nice makeup brushes, guess what I've found? Essence of beauty makeup brushes - those are truly high quality and I would say compatible with expensive sephora or department store brushes; Here I share some of my favorites:

dome eyeshadow brush - great for overall eyelid color! this one is similar to Stila #5 which I could no longer find from Sephora. this one cost only $6 Vs. the Stila one cost around $24:)

dome  20%.JPG

eyeliner brush - this shape is unusual, unlike regular eyeliner brush like pointed, but it is awesome! very precise and effective for drawing smoking eyes!

eyeliner  20% (1).jpg

concealer brush - very nice and I bought this one with a travel set of 6 brushes for only $9.99, can't complain for such price! and very useful!

concealer 20% (2).jpg

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