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I agree aji, im the same. I dance because i love it. All of the women/ recognition are judt perks that comes slong with the passion. I have been dancing for years and im a street dancer. I mix many styles such as popping, krump, and flexing together. To represent what dance means to me i have a tatoo on my arm about it. Whether i become famous / recognized for my talent wont matter because i love what i do.
I'm very new to dancing and how I started was pretty unusual. I took part in a Strictly-Come-Dancing-style competition in aid of a charity and got the bug big time. We had ten weeks of training, to learn two dances, before performing them in front of quite a lot of people at a gala evening. The steps we were doing were way above beginner level (in true Strictly style), to make it more entertaining for the audience, so it was a real in-at-the-deep-end situation. It was hard work but I loved every minute of it. :D When the competition was over I realised that although I had expected to enjoy it, I'd enjoyed it far more than I ever imagined and couldn't face the prospect of life without dancing, so I'm now having lessons. I am a huge noob, know next to nothing and am having an absolute ball. :D
I dance because I've always danced. I love to dance. How could I not dance? My Mom used to dance with my sister and I and teach us steps from the 60's. Then the early 80s hit Michael Jackson was huge and I was mesmerized and decided that wanted to dance just like him, despite the fact that I was a girl. So I practiced and practiced and practiced.

So basically I've been a freestyle dancer for over 30 years and along the way have taken tap, bellydance, country and gymnastics. Now it's ballroom and I'm having a blast. It's improved my dancing form and I'm enjoying incorporating it into my repertoire of moves.


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Hmm. I started dancing mainly to please my DW. Originally I saw it as a challenge, a discipline, a "can I do this?". Pretty soon I discovered some good reasons to like it:

1. The physics of dancing fascinates me. That's the engineer in me...
2. Music is very important in my life, and dancing is an alternate way of expressing music (as opposed to singing or playing an instrument). Before I started partner dancing, I never realized this. Although science and engineering are my professional outlet, I've always had an artiste streak (runs in the family), but before I started dancing, I didn't have many outlets for it.
3. The social interaction. I've really enjoyed hanging out with dancers. A lot of them are different kinds of people from the types of people I'm used to associating with. And, well, I will admit to being a bit socially awkward. The studio is a micro-environment that's a lot easier to deal with than a club environment. I can ask a woman for a dance and she knows it's just a dance. Which leads to...
4. And yeah, the mild flirtation with other women is nice, even though meeting women was not a reason that I got started -- I'm a happily married man. It's nice to be able to enjoy the company of the opposite sex without any misunderstandings or expectations.

Before I discovered ballroom, my very limited dancing experiences had mostly been very unsatisfactory... at school and club dances, I was always told that I had no talent for it.
At the top of the list I'd have to say I dance because I love making a woman smile. And through dance I did just that. I brought a woman from the brink of tears to smiles at tonight's social.:cool:
That smile was worth every sacrifice I've ever made for ballroom.
Very gentle and humble goal :)

I dance to express my body and for other reasons. Finding relationships with girl is one of them, but it's not requiring a lot as far as the dancing is concerned :D


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I’m a woman but I sometimes have to dance the man’s role. It takes guts to be a man you know!!!
This thread is one of the reasons why I find DF so inspiring!!!


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When I started dancing initially it was mainly so that would not look foolish on my wedding night. But over time I learnt that dancing teaches you so many things that go beyond dance
It's good to see someone who started with a wedding dance, and then kept it up. It kind of makes me sad that we get so many wedding couples who put in a lot of effort to learn a dance, start to look good doing it, and then we never see them again after the wedding.


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Those ladies who have husbands and boyfriends who are not interested in dancing and often frustrated and those who state that there are not enough men present at dances. Has a way of making me feel like those of us who do are a rare breed. I dance because I just plain love to do so.


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“Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost.”

“To understand what I am saying, you have to believe that dance is something other than technique. We forget where the movements come from. They are born from life. When you create a new work, the point of departure must be contemporary life -- not existing forms of dance.”
“I'm not so interested in how they move as in what moves them.”
Pina Bausch

all the above reasons...

Mr 4 styles

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When the competition was over I realised that although I had expected to enjoy it, I'd enjoyed it far more than I ever imagined and couldn't face the prospect of life without dancing, so I'm now having lessons. I am a huge noob, know next to nothing and am having an absolute ball. :D

i feel exactly the same way......after 13 years of dancing and hope to never lose that feeling!!
I dance because I just love to dance. Dancing makes me feel good. It's my stress reliever. Dancing for me, is a personal therapy. It heals me ins such a way that only me can understand ;)
Thank you. :) I had unreliable computer access for a while, but I'm back now. Still a noob and still no idea what I'm doing, but keener than ever. I missed this place.
Why did I start to dance?
Well where I'm from more or less everyone do a basic dancing course when they're around 15/16 (at least all my friends did anyway).
Obviously the girls are in it for the dance, and most guys just go there because there are tons of girls there.

So, I got dragged there by my sister, met my first girlfriend. Then didn't dance in a while, but ended up doing the same beginner course again for two years in a row. So, while I enjoyed it, I was never really that into dancing but couldn't let go of it either.

It was only a couple of months ago that I really got into it and started doing competitions and stuff - and I have loved it ever since :).

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