Nasty feet/shoe smell. How to deal?

Larinda McRaven

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amazon dot com /Thai-Deodorant-Stone-Crystal-Fluid/dp/B000B969B4

This is what I have resorted to using on husbands kevlar vest. That thing was disgusting, under his dark blue clothes, in the heat of the summer... Actually it was a smelly mess any time of the year. He would set it on the porch... which works if there is sunlight. But due to his shift work, sometimes there is no opportunity for it to sit in the sun all day. So I started using my thai spray on it. Every time he takes it off he gives it a light spritz and there has not been an odor since.
Someone gave me the tip to use dry tea bags after practice to soak up the moisture and odor. It seems to be working, actually. It's still in the early phases, but my shoes don't stink as bad as they did (although mine weren't that horrible kill-an-entire-army smell yet).
I got a small spray bottle from the dollar store (in a set for traveling), filled it with 99% isopropyl alcohol and added some essential oil (I chose camphor because it’s antibacterial). When I’m finished dancing I spray the inside foot bed, it takes care of the nasty smell, and dries very quickly (the 99% is recommended for fast drying times).


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I’m just trying to figure out how to kill the everyday used sneaker smell because when grandson takes his shoes off (mind you he’s 11) I just want to die!

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