Need instructor recommendation for DC area


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Last time it was Boston, this time I need a good (male) independent ballroom instructor recommendation for the Washington DC/Arlington/Alexandria area. I know the Pilpenchuks are in Baltimore, but I'm looking for something more local. This is for a beginner looking for private lessons (and possibly good group classes). Any help is appreciated!!

I'm starting to think we need a whole sticky/sub-thread/forum or something organized by city, just for instructor recommendations. Not the advertising kind - the word-of-mouth, city-by-city, if-you-go-here-look-them-up kind.


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Privates: Garry Gekhman, Ian Gillett, Alex Senko, Genya Bartasevich (sp?). No idea where group classes are good nowadays.


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Dan Calloway offers good progressive group classes at the University of Maryland through the Art and Learning Center at the newcomer, bronze, and silver levels. They restart at the beginning of each semester.
There is a studio in North Bethesda near White Flint Mall called Avant Garde Ballroom Dance Center that offers reasonably priced privates for newbies and group classes with quality instruction. Many of the instructors already mentioned teach there. You can google them for their website.


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I imagine gender wouldn't matter for group classes? If that's the case, also consider Lydia Petrigova for latin and Olga Chekhova for 10-dance.
I too would like to thank everyone for their recommendations. The instructors at the Avant Garde Ballroom Dance Center sound great. I Googled it and it appears that it is only two blocks from a metro station. That makes it very convenient for someone like me who lives right across the street from a metro station. I would not even have to drive. I could just take the subway all the way there and walk the two blocks. This is assuming it is not a really long two blocks. :)
I don't know if it still exists, but there used to be a bus shuttle that ran regularly from the metro stop to the White Flint Mall, which would make it even more convenient since the studio is next to the mall.


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Just got to say, I had another person ask me today for a recommendation in the DC area (ideally the Maryland side) for lessons for a couple, so I came back to this thread and handed him all of the recommendations y'all gave here. Thanks again!

And since this is a recurring thing...if anyone has anyone/studios/locations to add to the list, please let me know! While it isn't ballroom, I know there is a good salsa place in Alexandria, but I can't remember the name of it.


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A little more info about "a couple" would be helpful in steering them toward the appropriate instruction.

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