New to the Forum! What tango song never seems to get our of your head? Why do you think that?


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...what is everyone's current favorite tune in the tango genre? What do you think makes it so catchy? Why do you like it so much?
Boris Kovac & LaDaABa Orchest "Tango Apocalypso"
Hi chomsky, it´s a wonderful piece. Thx4 sharing. Would be interested in what makes this tune so outstanding for you? Biography, personal associations, politics, mood, style, multi-culticity, band, .... ?


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it's just that it sounds very mediterranean or balkan. The sound is familiar and close to home. Even my hubby loved it and he is not into that kind of semi-traditional thing. It's multicultural, I'll give you that. It could very easily be thought of as a song from Israel, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Cyprus,'s all that in one.

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