New Vogue in America

When I was in high school, a friend's mom suggested broadening my listening. I recall her suggesting a piece by Alban Berg. I recall scrunching up my face at the thought of listening to Berg. She said something like, "not to your taste? I know, we always like best that which we know best." ...


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I agree with previous comments, they all have their place and complexity to dance. All I say don't knock anything until you try it.
New Vogue is sequence dancing. Everybody does the same thing. Here is an example - mummsie
Lovely! I like watching how each couple faces the challenge of having the same choreography and works creatively to make it their own. looks like there isn't much jockeying for a prime starting spot on the dance floor. :)

Until recently when the organizers moved out of the country, there used to be a weekly round dance just a few blocks away from me. Now I'm kicking myself for never having checked it out. :sad:

We do have a little sequence dancing in the vintage ballroom community.
Gaskell's Congress of Vienna Waltz Nowhere near the technical level of the NV dancers above, but definitely fun. :)
The thing that saddens me about round dance is the tremendous lost opportunity. There is a tiny handful of rd leaders in the US who teach any technique. In the absence of it, the dancers tend to value the ability to do more figures over dancing the figures well. Even the so-called easy Phase 2 dances (two-step and waltz) can be so much more by application of a little technique.

More than the visual aspect of actually dancing well, I think most round dancers are missing out on a lot of the pleasure of it. I enjoy round dancing much more after some years of competitive ballroom training.

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