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as you people will soon guess from my terminology I am completely new to this. My wife and I were out for the first time in quite a while to a CW dance last night. Therewere couple dancing in a circle and when they would pause they would swing their out foot toward the center and touch each others foot in front of them, then behind them, then bump butts a couple of times and movr forward. I asked a guy what the name of the danc ewas but it was kind of loud and I couldn't understand what he said. Can someone tell me the name of the dance. Thanks

Steve Pastor

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Hi, wrrhen.

Beats me. It sound vaguely familiar, like something I may have seen in a book. But don't see that here in Portland, and don't remember seeing it in Vegas or Long Beach.

Hope someone can tell you.
We used to do one a long time ago called Charleston Bump, sounds similar, and also did a circle dance that had the foot touches, but not hip bumps, and that was the Barn Dance. Were there several couples doing this at the same time, and were there any partner changes? I can't remember whether the partner dance Wooden Nickel had the hip bumps either. All of these can be found on Kickit, a website for line and partner dances. Hope this helps!


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I just did a dance at a studio that they called the bump which was a partner dance in a circle ...and went as follows; ladies on outside of circle, gents on inside...they walk together 3 steps and tap, then back,then do two hip bumps and change places, then the man does a cross body lead sending the lady diagonal behind him to the next man...and so on and so on

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