Nightcap Thread


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Plum margarita. Paired a bit strangely but rather nicely with peaches' pumpkin bread...and with another episode of Wives & Daughters. Blissfully inactive tonite.
I've had the famous pumkin bread (thanks P) - and yes, it does evoke nighcap galore. Wish I had a slice now....

glass of nice fruity californian merlot - actually odd since we don't get that many US wines here (BION)


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I bet I could come up with a palatable bloody mary with ketchup, tequila, fresh veggie juices and chile...

Gonna have to stretch further than that, heh.

Goes with milk cuz makes an awesome nog. Which makes me think it'd complement chocolate, even more nicely than rum.

Maybe it falls into the same category as champagne... "Goes with everything but cold cereal."

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