Nightcap Thread


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Not quite a nightcap, but it was the last thing I drank before going to sleep: homemade limoncello. A couple shots of it. Too bad I had to be able to drive, cuz I was in a shots-downing sort of mood.


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my youngest calls water "nectar of the gods". i love that description. :)

as for me... i have wine this evening! a perky little california shiraz... trying a new producer at a lower pricepoint: concannon shiraz. it's okay. earns its keep for its 10+ bucks.

tomorrow is a cupcake winery petite syrah in the same price point, which fares better -- inkier, "stinkier"... mmmm... looking forward to it. :D


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well...wasn't going to have a nightcap...but dtr, a high school junior at a residential high school, is currently experiencing a lockdown and the absence of her roommate whom we believe is headed to the hospital...we are totally in the dark and I cannot get to my baby...really not a good staying up until i have some info on this...gads

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