nighttime noshing nexus

A couple of mini chocolate bars. Got to watch out though as I have a comp this weekend and my latin outfit is not forgiving. Hmm, possibly if I take the chocolate bars to the competition and give some to my fellow competitors then we will all gain weight together and it will kind of even things out.
Two mini Crisy Crunches and a Coke so lots of the evil sugar substance. I've got 3 weeks before the next comp. so I've got to eat it now while I can. Well you know, really, its not my fault, I have to blame the darn kids on Halloween as if more of them came I would not have had so many left over. Yeah, that sounds good. If not, give me a few minutes and I'll think of something else.
what a coincidence R: I've got three weeks too.
Banana on crispbread, pot of tea, dried fig

Sounds like I'm being better than you - but yesterday a 'grateful student' (who shall be cursed) brought me a box of Laura Secord 250 cal (each) chocolate thingies - I had been really good yesterday - so of course I ate 7....
No food till thrusday a week...

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