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At my place of work, it's Housekeeping that does this -- the same group that stock the fridge with cream for coffe. A sign is up requesting removal of one's things on Fridays because they clean it every week. A weekly clean keeps the fridge from ever becoming a science experiment.

Housekeeping appears to respect fresh, labeled items, which remain as long as they aren't becoming a liability to the public good. :)
I take my dinner with me to the studio most days. I would never consider leaving anything behind, for other people to pilfer, or housekeeping to have to clean up after me. No drama that way for me or anyone else.


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A fine example (Sorry. It's also pot luck related. I do a lot of potlucks. lol) was the time I and several other folks got steaming mad when we planned to have nachos for lunch. A young guy in our group said he'd buy and make the queso. I assumed that, since most people eat lunch between 11:30 and 12:30, he would automatically know to have the queso ready by 11:30. Uhhh. Not so much. He went to lunch and got back, planning to START making queso at a few minutes after noon. This would make the queso ready at right around the time everybody would be finished with lunch and wouldn't need queso anymore.
Guess he had a bad queso procrastination.


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Okay. So here's something that I had to break a boss out of. Has anybody here had a boss who takes credit for their work? Obviously, please don't add any details that will identify you. but, if you had/have such a boss, were you able to come up with any strategies that worked?


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And back to refrigerator etiquette ...

What do you think about putting large lunch bags and/or cooler chests in a shared fridge?
I will promptly and proudly raise my hand and say that I'm someone who puts my entire lunch bag in the fridge. And I don't apologize for it one bit. My breakfast and lunch are usually in a bunch of different pieces--some containers, some baggies, some pieces of cheese, some pieces of fruit. (Literally. Today: container of yogurt, english muffin, two clementines, a string cheese, a container of salad, a container of hummus, a baggie of sliced veggies, and a small bottle of dressing.*) I am bloody well NOT going to go chasing all of my various bits of food around the nasty fridge trying to find them because they won't stay in a nice, neat little pile and have gotten shoved all over the place. Just...not. Nor do I want to think about other people touching my food. I get in, I shove it in a corner somewhere, it's all nice and contained, and it's plenty possible for people to stack stuff on top of the bag. Another coworker similarly brings meals that are just a bunch of different things--baggies of stuff. I don't blame her for not wanting her hard-boiled eggs or strawberries getting shoved around and mashed up. If it was something simpler like a single container of food (what other coworker do), or a couple of containers that stack easily, or a frozen meal...that's something different. But I'm just not hunting for my approximately 8 billion components of my breakfast, lunch, and snack in the depths of a nasty fridge.

And back to not eating food that god-knows-who has touched. We've got some freaky scary people at my work, who apparently have never heard of hygiene. The thought of them touching my food is enough to put me off eating.

*Yes, I know, it seems like I eat a whole lot. OK, not seems, is. But I also have to pack for breakfast, lunch, and a snack before I leave for the afternoon. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. (We're just not going to discuss the weight issue!)


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Eggs smell like the worst sort of sulphur/flatulence imaginable. The smell makes me gag.

Bacon sammiches, though...that I don't get. Om nom.


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OMG. I have a coworker who brings ... a boiled egg and a banana to staff meeting every Tuesday. Just her in a room with the other fifty-something of us. Us and her eggs and bananas. *shudder*

And yes. Bacon is smelly, but it's the kind of smelly I like. *grin*


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And back to refrigerator etiquette ...

What do you think about putting large lunch bags and/or cooler chests in a shared fridge?
I have to confess, I don't even use the fridge at my current place. When I bring my own food, which is frequent, it hangs out at my desk with me,


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well, I get that boiled eggs smell that way...but a fried egg?...I have never noticed such a thing
If it were a nice organic egg fried in good butter or olive oil, I'm sure I'd have no complaints. But we're talking the shite that comes out of a corporate cafeteria...god knows the quality of the sulfurous eggs, or the fat that's sprayed on the grill to cook them...or what those pigs were up to before they turned into pungent strips on a styrofoam plate.

Am I painting the picture, better? ;)


Probably what is most offensive is the smell of whatever rancidness came from the grill. Granted, I've got a rarefied nose. But I know I'm not the only one. Just less willing to put with it if i can manage it.


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So, does anyone have tips on how to deal with a hyper-controlling, micro-managing type boss?

My current boss is leaving for 3 months, and she's already hinted that she's not coming back. Her temporary replacement is...well, she's a nice person, but bossy as hell, hyper-controlling, and definitely the micro-managing type. I do NOT do well with this at all.

Generally speaking, my approach when dealing with bosses has been to conduct my work life such that I am beyond reproach. I work my butt off. I am on time, and reliable. I meet/exceed all deadlines. I plan ahead. I keep my bosses informed (even of minor things). I don't ever try to get away with diddly. If there are problem, I make sure that I'm the one informing my boss ASAP, but not without having explored solutions and options.

I've worked hard at this, and I've built up quite a bit of credibility with my current boss. It works well--I get left mostly alone, she trusts me (I've got quite a reserve of trust and goodwill built up.), and she doesn't generally have to bother with me except for administrative whatnot and other boss-type duties.

New boss...not so much. She's already started. She was just brought in on a meeting so she'd have the background on a situation...and she's already started trying to micromanage me and tell me how and when and what to do. This isn't going to work. I can put up with a lot, but I won't put up with being micromanaged; I've done my job for too long, and done it exceptionally well for too long, to be dealt with like that.

For three months, I can deal with this. I'll be more miserable at work than I am currently, but at least there's an end in sight. But if this becomes permanent...I'll be speaking with her directly, probably going over her head (because I know she won't change), and then probably looking for a different job in the division. I won't deal with that.

Suggestions on how to manage up?

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