Official Ballroom Song ID Thread


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Here are some " Authentic " chas / guajiras

Guajira /Cha medley by Imagen

Dices Que Tu Baila by Que Mas..

If you are seeking more authentic style Sambas, Boleros, and Rumbas,
give me a " shout "..
Hi Dance-Forums members,

I have one song that I would love to be ID-ed:


It has been played in several local competetition here, and I Shazam / Soundhound always return no identification. Please help with this song...
I am scared :\ ....

Just fyi, the song "La Llama" by Chris Ice.
Now, I have a hypothesis as to why Shazam / Soundhound can not detect it. The song is actually too fast for cha cha, so it's actually slowed down by about 7%.

Again, thank you "telephatic" mindputtee!

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